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  Linux find command to find files
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Under Linux, it is often necessary in a position to find some files. How to do? Use the find command enough.
find search-path expressions search-string

If you want to search the current directory. Then the search-path can be empty or a full stop '.'

If the current directory is searched for three minutes before being accessed files.
find. -amin 3

If you find four days ago it was accessed files.
find. -atime 4

If you find five minutes before the file name is changed files.
find. -cmin 5

If you find the six days before the file name is changed files.
find. -ctime 6

If you find the seven minutes before the contents of the modified files.
find. -mmin 7

If you find the eight days before the contents are modified.
find. -mtime 8

If you find the file zero size files.
find. -empty

If you find the file index number is 11331.
find. -inode 11331

If you want to find a file named a.out file.
find. -name a.out

If you want to look for a file called a.out and A.out of.
find. -iname a.out

Look for a value of 644 is added to the file.
find -perm 644

Join To find all files in the current directory.
find -print

In addition there are three options are more common.
-H Not follow symbolic links (but when processing command line arguments to follow)
-L Always follow symbolic links
-P Never follow symbolic links (this is the default)

Symbolic link symbolic links
The file type is l
Like shortcuts under Windows.

The user's default directory is ~
Current directory Yes.
The directory is the last -
The root directory is /
.. Is the parent directory
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