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  Linux firewall settings instance
  Add Date : 2017-08-31      
  Examples firewall settings (installation TIS Proxy)

1.1 focus on safety of large-scale network

Suppose you want to set up a militia heads of networks, which have a total of 50 computers and a 32 secondary IP address network. Since the followers of different levels, heads of the militia want to set different levels of rights on the Internet. Thus, part of the network can not communicate with another. There are various levels:

Periphery. This is everyone can reach the level. This is to attract new members level.

Troops at this level over the peripheral characters. This level people can know some tricks and methods of making weapons.

This is the real Foreign Legion at the completion of the plan.

Network settings

A method of setting IP numbers are as follows:

An address is, which is the broadcast address can not be used.

32 IP addresses 23 addresses assigned to the 23 machines, these machines can be coupled with the Internet.

An IP address for the Linux machine on the web.

An IP address for another Linux machine on the web.

Two IP # \ 's for router

The remaining four address just given four names, people uncertain real users.

Protection web addresses 192.168.2.xxx

This creates two different networks. Both network via infrared Ethernet network, the outside world can not see their existence. Has the same effect of infrared Ethernet and Ethernet in general. Both connected to the network each have an IP address of the computer running Linux. At the same time there is a file server successively to both protect the network, because the plan to conquer the world need some well-trained troops. Document server has an IP address of IP address of the network forces and Foreign Legion web We have different IP addresses because there are different Ethernet card's sake. IP Forwarding on the web of disabled disabled. IP Forwarding on both Linux machine's functions are disabled. Unless explicitly stated otherwise router not forwarding packets sent to 192.168.2.xxx, so the network without entering. Close IP Forwarding function because the network packets sent troops to prevent the web reaches the Foreign Legion Foreign Legion network packets arriving troops would not let the web. You can set the NFS server settings so that the various documents sent to different networks. This method is quite easy to use, on the hands and feet can symblic links do Crocus document so that we share. With this arrangement and processing an ethernet card allows a document server for all three networks.

Proxy server settings

Since the three batches of troops are needed to understand the situation of the Internet, so they need to access. External network directly to the Internet, so the proxy server does not need to make any changes. Foreign Legion troops networks and network behind a firewall, and therefore need to make some settings on the proxy server. Two network setup is very similar. They still use the IP address assigned to them. But here was to set some parameters.

No person shall use the document server access, otherwise the document server may be exposed to viruses or other bad thing was invaded. To this problem is serious, and therefore can not use the document server.

Let troops online. They are trained, and if they have this ability to retrieve information may be harmful to them.

Thus, in the armed forces should be on the web Linux machine within sockd.conf file the following line:


And set in the Foreign Legion machine are:


Meanwhile, troops of Linux machines in the network settings:

deny eq 80

Significance of this line is that no machine uses port 80, both http port. However, these machines are still available for all other functions, but not to the Internet. Then in sockd.conf file two machines are added:


So that all the computers are online 192.168.2.xxx use this proxy server except not to use computer (both server and Internet into the document from the army network).

Web content troops sockd.conf file as follows:


deny eq 80


Foreign Legion web content sockd.conf file as follows:



This configuration should be no problem. Each network can work alone, and there is an appropriate relationship. Everyone should be satisfied fishes.
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