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  Linux five security TIPS
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  what did you say? You do not need to take security measures on Linuxbox, because it is Linux ?, Think about it, Linux is inherently require Internet operating system, which of course is the need for security measures. Indeed safer, but no system is 100% safe, and if so, then good, open it now. Here are five important Linux security tips.

1, the keyring to use. For many people, this is a very confusing thing. You log on to the computer, then your computer requests to create a network connection, you have to export your keyring password, there is a temporarily disable this feature solution is to enter an empty password, and then without warning you will want to transfer plaintext ( including passwords) dialog box. This is a bad idea, you might think that something a little out of the way, but put there for a reason, when the password must be transmitted over the network encrypted password.

2, force the user to update the password if you are using a multi-user system (which is also one of the goals of Linux), you should ensure that your users are constantly changing their password, which can chage command. You can pull it detects whether the password has expired. Related Usage of this command, see the man page for details.

3, do not blindly disable SELinux can be as keyring, SELinux is not missed the innocent have been developed. SE blindly Sercurity Enhanced (enhanced security), which provides a mechanism for controlling access to music applications. I have read many versions of "solutions" designed to help people solve the problem of disabling SELinux. In fact, if this can be considered a solution, then it can only lead to more nausea problems. If a program can not run properly, it should be to check the configuration of SELinux policy to meet your needs rather than simply disable it. If you do not want the command line to deal with this problem, it can be called by a polgengui application to achieve this.

4, do not log in as root sounds, there is sufficient reason to think it is not wrong which place? I think no matter how stressed if the root user login system is not excessive. If you need to do some administrative work, then log in as a normal user and then either use the su command to switch to root or use sudo advantage of. If you logged in as root, you can easily bypass the security barrier, and then be able to access the common user logins not visit the systems and subsystems. www.linuxidc.com do not do it. Please use the ordinary user.

5, Quick Setup Security Updates Linux and windows on the approach to the problem of updating the difference is huge. Low frequency window will do a large-scale update, while Linux is a small-scale high update frequency. If you ignore these updates cause some security vulnerability patch is not marked, the end may be very tragic. You have to remember, in fact, is the need to install some updates immediately after the entry into force. When the "Update available" icon appears, do not ignore it. If you are not using a graphical interface of Linux servers, it is best to create a crontab background task to check for updates, or per day (week) manually check for updates. Latest ensure we can guarantee safer.

Do you feel that your Linux system is very safe it? Should be, and the security level of your Linux machine has been promoted by the above five methods to a new level will come up. A word of caution, this can not be a cure-all. Is just the beginning of it, to enhance the security level of the network computer is endless. However, by not a few steps above, you can at least target the "security" of the controversial step closer.
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