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  Linux garbled file delete method
  Add Date : 2017-01-08      
  When the file name is garbled, can not enter the file name via the keyboard, so in the end you can not directly use the rm, mv, etc. commands to manage files. We can delete files under Linux garbled by the following methods. (File name garbled)

method 1

We know that each file has a node number i, we can consider the adoption of i-node number to manage files.

First of all, we need to get the i-node number of the file. This is done by the -i option of the ls command to get.

The second step, using the find command file name passed to the rm command.


Method 2

Use cp, mv, and rm * combinations indirectly delete all garbage files.

First, copy the other non-garbled named files to another directory.

Then, delete all the files in the directory.

Finally, copy the files back to the original directory.


Method 1: delete a single file, one by one, or delete a file name garbled.

Method 2: for more garbled file, and delete all the circumstances require.
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