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  Linux Getting Started tutorial: Ubuntu 14.04 in the installation Sogou Pinyin
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  In Ubuntu Kylin system, the default installation Sogou Pinyin, but in a native Ubuntu system is not. This is understandable, after all, Sogou input method for Linux Kylin team has no small credit. Since Sogou input method than in the Linux system other Chinese input methods should be much more useful, so I decided to install Sogou input method on my Ubuntu 14.04 system.

Necessary to get what science is, the input method Linux systems are based on input method framework, prior input method framework, and then there are specific input method. Tend to have more input on a frame, the frame also tend to have a multilingual input method. On Linux history, there have been a variety of input method framework, such as SCIM, fcitx, IBus like. As the saying goes, "every generation there is talent out of leading the trend ** Year" replacement input method framework is also very frequently, such as once very popular SCIM input method framework is now largely died down. In the latest Ubuntu system and Fedora systems, the default is to use IBus framework, but happens Sogou input method is built on fcitx input method framework.

Fortunately, the default input method framework Linux system can be configured, beating in the Ubuntu source packages have fcitx input frame. In the "System Settings -> Language Support" inside, you can choose what kind of input method framework.

You can see, my Ubuntu 14.04 system default is to use IBus input method framework, and I chose SunPinYin input method on the frame 86 and the pole five-stroke input method.

Before installing Sogou input method, you must first install fcitx Input Method Framework

After installation, in the "System Settings -> Language Support" which select the default input method framework fcitx

After installation fcitx input method framework and system settings, the system interface may be no change. This is normal, because the input method framework in the X Window system starts with the start together. Therefore, the need to cancel it, then we can see the effect below the input method indicator taskbar changed its appearance

Then visit Sogou input method Linux version of the official website, http: //pinyin.sogou.com/linux, download Sogou input method for Linux. You can see from the official website, the official of the input method only supports Ubuntu (though the Internet was by converting to deb package rpm package, you can also use the input method on Fedora)

Download the deb package, double-click the installation

After installation is complete, the system may still not changed. Apparently, what had to be written off. Finally Sogou input method the effect of hair blog

Seemingly simple, is not it? But such a simple, smooth process, sometimes there is blood and tears. If I said I would install an input method for the system to hang out once and had to reload, you believe it? Summarize here, I hang out the system, because I was not clear in a variety of Linux systems can coexist input method framework, I think one or the other, it is necessary to use fcitx delete IBus, then, I such a command: sudo aptitude purge ibus, and then, the system hung up. Toss Ubuntu in the process, I have repeatedly linked the system to do, once you change the lightdm profile, and once wanted to install gnome-shell, then run sudo aptitude install gnome-shell, the result not only did not use gnome-shell, and even the unity it can not enter the desktop. To remind you children's shoes, you do not learn from me. If you want to tinker with the system, it is best to try it in a virtual machine inside.

With handy input methods is great, almost more hair blog. Careful friends may find from my screenshot, I used the font a little bit different. Indeed, I borrowed the consolas Windows 7 and Microsoft elegant black.
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