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  Linux hard drive failure Case Studies
  Add Date : 2017-01-08      
  Specific log and corresponding fix this paper to share under the Linux server hard disk after the failure of / var / log / messages and / var / log / mcelog will appear, along with the growing number of cases and the rich, and finally I will generalize formed automated scripts.

Of course, have a lot of hard physical bad sectors, need to be replaced, this will need to replace the hard disk supplier, beyond the scope here.

Server models:

HP SE1170s

Hard drive models:


Fault 1:

Jul 17 00:46:34 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx kernel: [8384801.159283] EXT4-fs (sdl1): warning: mounting fs with errors, running e2fsck is recommended

Jul 17 00:50:00 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx kernel: [8385006.016500] sd 6: 0: 6: 0: [sdl] Sense Key: Medium Error [current]

Jul 17 00:50:00 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx kernel: [8385006.016508] sd 6: 0: 6: 0: [sdl] Add Sense:. Unrecovered read error

Jul 17 00:50:00 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx kernel: [8385006.016524] Buffer I / O error on device sdl1, logical block 1415594116

Jul 17 00:50:00 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx kernel: [8385006.095561] Buffer I / O error on device sdl1, logical block 1415594117


# E2fsck / dev / sdl1

If the bad block can not be repaired, you need to format the hard disk using fdisk:

#fdisk / dev / sdl







With the ext4 file system to format the disk:

# Mkfs.ext4 / dev / sdl1

The formatted hard disk mount back:

#mount -L / Hadoop07 / hadoop / 7 -t ext4 -o defaults, noatime, nodiratime, noauto

If after a few days found that / var / log / messages which have the latest / dev / sdl error log, it means that the hard drive needs to be replaced, then you can cut out the first piece of disc hanging in the directory read and write function, before you can first copy the data inside out:

#chmod 0 / hadoop07
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