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  Linux iptables: basic principles and rules
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  What is iptables?

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

iptables is a Linux under the powerful application layer firewall tool, but to understand the basic principles and rules, the configuration is also very simple.

What is Netfilter?

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

When it comes to the inevitable mention iptables Netfilter, iptables is the application layer, and its essence is a configuration tool to define the rules, and the core packet interception and forwarding Netfiler.

Netfilter is the Linux operating system kernel layer inside a packet processing module.

Netfilter role of the network layer, the network layer packets through the mount point will go through five of Netfilter (Hook point): PRE_ROUTING, INPUT, OUTPUT, FORWARD, POST_ROUTING.

Any data packet, as long as through the machine, which will go through five one mount point.

iptables rule principle

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

iptables rules of composition, also known as 4 and Table 5 chain:

Four tables + mount point plus five rule

four tables: filter table, nat table, mangle table, raw table


Specifically, it is iptables Each allow / deny or forwarding rule must select a mount point associated with a table.

Rule represents a concrete operation of the data packet, mount point represents the position of the operation, the table represents the role of purpose.

iptables's four tables

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Now with more tables are the first two:

1, filter for filtering;

2, nat for address translation;

3, mangle modify packets;

4, raw generally do is to not let iptables packet link tracking processing, skip the other tables to improve performance;

Packet matches a flowchart in the rules table, mount point

For filter tables are normally only be done in the three chains: INPUT, FORWARD, OUTPUT;

For nat table generally only do the three chains: PREROUTING, OUTPUT, POSTROUTING.
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