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  Linux Kernel 4.2.2 compiler installation tutorial
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Install the latest Linux kernel is not difficult, do not be afraid to try out Linux.

I configured the AMD Athlon X2 64 4600+ processor and DDR2 2GB of memory, system XUbuntu 15.04.

Now I share with you the experience, as I write this post when, Linux Kernel 4.2.2 is the latest official version of the kernel, so to 4.2.2 Case Study of.

After downloading the source package with root user login system, the source package into the / usr src directory under / with archive manager extract to the current directory or use the following command to extract.

tar -xf linux-4.2.2.tar.xz good after decompression, cd into a linux-4.2.2 folder.

cd linux-4.2.2 then you can start configuring the kernel options, but the number of kernel options is really outrageous, in fact, like to use the default, follow my orders to do together.

make menuconfig # This operation is performed if there is an error, it needs to resolve a package dependency problem, enter the following command to resolve (no-show without being given pipe):

apt-get install libncurses5-dev and then we take a look inside menuconfig options, press Enter after the first load several files, and you should be such a thing:

In this interface, * represents yes, empty representatives no, M on behalf of the modular (other options are included), the default do not move like it, say so many options you really going to see it one by one.

Up and down to control the up and down arrow keys to switch entries, left and right keys to switch (< Select > / < Exit > / < Help > / < Save > / < Load >) operating in the fields below.

Switch directly to < Save > and press ENTER to, prompted to save a file named .config, hit enter < Ok >, prompt configuration file has been written .config, and then knock again Enter < Exit >.

After that went back to the original interface, cut to the < Exit > knockout round exit.

After all the above operation is complete, you can begin to make the kernel.

makemake time will be very long, it may be bad I configured the reason I took three hours to make complete.

After make complete, you can install the kernel modules.

make modules_install this rate will soon, I'm five minutes to complete, directly after completion of make install to install the new kernel.

The modified automatically make install installation grub, reboot with the new kernel boot by default, can restart after viewed with uname -r command.

The new kernel feeling is great, if not automatic with the new kernel, the grub boot screen, select Advanced, the choice of kernel 4.2.2 start on the line, the default method of modifying the kernel themselves Baidu bar.

New kernel problems can also select the original kernel to boot from the Advanced Boot list.

Do not forget to start over linux-4.2.2 folder deleted, leaving only a source package on the line.

sudo rm -f -r /usr/src/linux-4.2.2 Finally do not forget to reinstall the graphics drivers, graphics drivers now need to first uninstall and then reinstall method is not provided, after the uninstall, what the original way pretend to then operate it again.

It is that simple, you can complete the latest Linux kernel compile and install, quickly try.
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