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  Linux memory Cache Analysis
  Add Date : 2017-01-08      
In doing performance testing with top command to discover memory cache to around 4G, then it is curious cache something. Then follow the analysis, the pressure measured during the log file is too large, resulting in the cache is the log.

To verify this result, first casually vi a large file, and then see whether the change cache.
Then look for the tools to verify whether the file under that document.
It concluded: linux will cache edited files.

download link:

The official source default, newline is windows, and downloaded the source code, the need to modify the line breaks, or the installation error. Need to replace their own linux-ftools_modify.zip you have completed the replacement line breaks.

Modify permission first before packaging to increase the script execution permissions
chmod 755 -R *

Packing instruction
make && make install

See Cache command (only for valid files in the current directory)
linux-fincore --pages = false --summarize --only-cached *
[Root @ dev-suning tmp] # linux-fincore --pages = false --summarize --only-cached *
filename size total_pages min_cached page cached_pages cached_size cached_perc
-------- ---- ----------- --------------- ------------ ----------- -----------
Could not mmap file: linux-ftools: No such device
Could not mmap file: linux-ftools-new: No such device
Could not mmap file: redis-2.8.19: No such device
wildfly-8.1.0.Final.tar.gz 115,995,207 28,320 0 28,320 115,998,720 100.00
total cached size: 115,998,720

The following is a screenshot

At the beginning, cache only 40M

With the vi editor, open the wildfly (about 110M)

With a cache analysis tool to see if the file is
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