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  Linux, modify / etc / profile file
  Add Date : 2016-11-09      
  Typically, / etc / profile file is read-only, the direct use of vi or gedit opens modifications are unable to save. To modify the profile, the need to obtain root privileges (using gedit editor) should be as follows:

$ Sudo gedit / etc / profile


$ Sudo -s

$ Gedit / etc / profile

Such open profile file, modify after you can save.

Let Methods profile files modified with immediate effect:

Method 1:

$. / Etc / profile

There is a space between. And / etc / profile

Hair 2:

$ Source / etc / profile

source command also known as "dot commands" that is a dot symbol (.). source command can be used to re-execute just modified initialization file, bring it into force immediately, without having to log off and log back on.
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