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  Linux mount command Detailed
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Mount under Linux (mount) a disc image file, removable hard disk, U disk, Windows and NFS network shares.

Linux is an excellent open-source operating system that can run into big giant to small handheld on various computer systems, along with the increasingly mature and stable linux system together with his unique advantages of open source, linux give the world more and more widely used. Hybrid systems are now many corporate computer systems are made of UNIX systems, Linux and Windows systems composed of different systems often need to exchange data. Now I work according to their actual experience tell us about how to mount (mount) a disc image file in the linux system, mobile hard disk, U disk along with Windows and UNIX NFS network shares network shares.

Mount command (mount)
mount [-t vfstype] [-o options] device dir

      among them:
 Type 1.-t vfstype specified file system usually does not have to be specified. mount will automatically select the correct type. Common types are:

Disc or disc image: iso9660
DOS fat16 file system: msdos
Windows 9x fat32 file system: vfat
Windows NT ntfs file system: ntfs
Mount Windows network file sharing: smbfs
UNIX (LINUX) file on a network share: nfs

2.-o options is mainly used to describe the way the device or attached files. Commonly used parameters are:

loop: used to mount a file as a hard disk partition on the system
ro: using mounted read-only device
rw: read and write using the attached devices
iocharset: Specifies the system to access the document character set
3.device to mount (mount) device.
4.dir device on the system mount point (mount point).

Note that if you want to mount the type is not specified, it will appear to specify the types of situations. This time to put the disk to the specified type.

If the plate is empty, you can reformat to the specified type.

Mkfs command.
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