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  Linux operating system security can not be ignored
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  In the operating system, if flawed describe Windows, then we most often hear about Linux is probably the adjective "perfect" the. When people are increasingly keen to find Microsoft's operating system and software vulnerabilities, making Windows becoming more and more known as hackers attacked goals, but often overlooked in the world's second most number of people using the Linux operating system.

In fact, in 1996 it appeared the first virus Staog Linux platform. This virus is said to be called by the Australian hacker a VLAD organization written in assembly language (the organization on the virus left a quite brilliant glorious book imprint, Windows 95 under Boza is the first virus program work of the organization) . It only infected binary files, trying to get root privileges in three ways, but it still only be regarded as a demonstration of samples of the virus, meaning it exists only to prove that Linux fans: Linux is not invincible, it also exists the risk of virus attack, just as perfect Linux operating system design makes this risk factor is relatively low.

The second appears on the Linux operating system, the virus is Bliss virus, it is an experimental product, but in the experiment was accidentally released the virus, but it itself has immunity, the system does not have too much risk.

Until the emergence of Ramen, but only in the Linux operating system airtight security re-doubt. Ramen virus can spread automatically, without human intervention, and in 1988 the popularity of the Morris worm is very similar. It only infected with Red Hat 6.2 and using anonymous FTP service server version 7.0, through two common vulnerabilities RPC.statd and wu-FTP infected system. And more popular in the Windows worm virus, which attacks the signs are not infected files, but network bandwidth consumption when scanning, so that the normal resource request can not reach the service.

In fact, the use of security exploits computer viruses also help Linux Ramen NM timely repair loopholes in time because it attacks also exposed the vulnerability exists.

Yet another use of shell scripting language virus, we can find numerous articles about the virus analytical articles on the web, but mostly in rendering its severity. Linux file systems have a lot in .sh script file, a very simple shell virus can infect the system in all script files.

The most important thing is, it's very easy to write, shell virus a row of dozens of those eager for fame on the web without learning is not fine, "hacker" is a very simple matter. In other words, easy to be with evil people use the virus shell is the most powerful place.

Leader in the history of Linux virus

Many articles have mentioned, remove Linux innate design is strong enough, the early use of the Linux operating system, mostly professionals in security conscious experience of heritage is also doing very well, which makes Linux has made a good cultural conditions to protect yourself. The author believes that the young, is also an important reason for Linux from irresponsible hackers. But as Linux users became "cohabitation" and the industry will continue to give it a high rating, new security threats followed.

This allows security start Linux is more concerned about the human virus is called Linux.Lion, is what we often see in the domestic Linux Forum "Lion" worm. If the first under Linux Ramen worm in the history of the virus is not enough to shine, now Lion virus crispness realize this "desire."

Lion Ramen virus viruses do not infect Windows operating system, but it has a particularly dangerous feature is the ability to password and configuration files are infected computer to send a mail China.com by EMAIL. And it is more difficult to deal with than the Ramen virus is in place, the hackers had the password and configuration files in the system when the attack without the use of security vulnerabilities that could allow an attacker more difficult to prevent.

In the Windows platform with a variety of viruses rampant compared to several of the above virus really can not be regarded as a heinous crime, all they do are just trying to challenge the myth of Linux security, but in a warning to those who are convinced that Linux is absolutely secure user : Linux is not secure.

Of course, the presence of the virus in the Linux operating system far more than these, Unux.Svat, BoxPoison other viruses have also given varying degrees of damage to the Linux users and Linux users with a significant increase, more and more Linux system connected to on the Internet, which greatly increases the possibility of the system being infringed. It is foreseeable that there will be more viruses on Linux. Protection of Linux, also requested an early start.
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