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  Linux performance optimization tools perf top
  Add Date : 2017-01-08      
  1. Perf

perf is a powerful tool for investigating various Linux performance problems.

       perf - Performance analysis tools for Linux

       perf [--version] [--help] COMMAND [ARGS]

       Performance counters for Linux are a new kernel-based subsystem that provide a framework for all things performance
       analysis. It covers hardware level (CPU / PMU, Performance Monitoring Unit) features and software features (software
       counters, tracepoints) as well.

       perf-stat (1), perf-top (1), perf-record (1), perf-report (1), perf-list (1)
Performance counter is a new Linux kernel provides a specialized subsystem that provides a framework for a variety of special performance analysis. Performance indicators include various hardware and software performance.

perf includes: perf-stat (perf stat), perf-top (perf top), perf-record (perf record), perf-list (perf list)

Note: When viewing manual requires the use of man perf-top, but when you use the Run: perf top

2. perf list

perf list is mainly used to list what's available to event, can be used for perf top -e eventname analysis.

perf list [hw | sw | cache | tracepoint | pmu | event_glob]

perf list hw can list the hard ware of the event, sw is the software's event, other similar

[Root @ localhost ~] # perf list hw
[Root @ localhost ~] # perf list sw
  cpu-clock [Software event]
  task-clock [Software event]
  page-faults OR faults [Software event]
  context-switches OR cs [Software event]
  cpu-migrations OR migrations [Software event]
  minor-faults [Software event]
  major-faults [Software event]
  alignment-faults [Software event]
  emulation-faults [Software event]
  dummy [Software event]
[Root @ localhost ~] # perf list pmu
[Root @ localhost ~] # perf list event_glob

List of pre-defined events (to be used in -e):
[Root @ localhost ~] #
perf list tracepoint have to get over 700 (tracepoint events):
  ext4: ext4_free_inode [Tracepoint event]
  ext4: ext4_request_inode [Tracepoint event]
  ext4: ext4_allocate_inode [Tracepoint event]
  ext4: ext4_write_begin [Tracepoint event]
  ext4: ext4_da_write_begin [Tracepoint event]
  ext4: ext4_ordered_write_end [Tracepoint event]
  ext4: ext4_writeback_write_end [Tracepoint event]
  ext4: ext4_journalled_write_end [Tracepoint event]
  ext4: ext4_da_write_end [Tracepoint event]
  ext4: ext4_writepage [Tracepoint event]
  ext4: ext4_da_writepages [Tracepoint event]
  ext4: ext4_da_write_pages [Tracepoint event]
  ext4: ext4_da_writepages_result [Tracepoint event]
  ext4: ext4_discard_blocks [Tracepoint event]
  ext4: ext4_mb_new_inode_pa [Tracepoint event]
  ext4: ext4_mb_new_group_pa [Tracepoint event]
  ext4: ext4_mb_release_inode_pa [Tracepoint event]
  ext4: ext4_mb_release_group_pa [Tracepoint event]
  ext4: ext4_discard_preallocations [Tracepoint event]
  ext4: ext4_mb_discard_preallocations [Tracepoint event]
  ext4: ext4_request_blocks [Tracepoint event]
  ext4: ext4_allocate_blocks [Tracepoint event]
  ext4: ext4_free_blocks [Tracepoint event]
  ext4: ext4_sync_file [Tracepoint event]
  ext4: ext4_sync_fs [Tracepoint event]
  ext4: ext4_alloc_da_blocks [Tracepoint event]
  ext4: ext4_mballoc_alloc [Tracepoint event]
  ext4: ext4_mballoc_prealloc [Tracepoint event]
  ext4: ext4_mballoc_discard [Tracepoint event]
  ext4: ext4_mballoc_free [Tracepoint event]
  ext4: ext4_trim_extent [Tracepoint event]
  ext4: ext4_trim_all_free [Tracepoint event]
  ext4: ext4_update_reserve_space [Tracepoint event]
  jbd2: jbd2_checkpoint [Tracepoint event]
  jbd2: jbd2_start_commit [Tracepoint event]
  jbd2: jbd2_commit_locking [Tracepoint event]
  jbd2: jbd2_commit_flushing [Tracepoint event]
  jbd2: jbd2_commit_logging [Tracepoint event]
  jbd2: jbd2_drop_transaction [Tracepoint event]
  jbd2: jbd2_end_commit [Tracepoint event]
  jbd2: jbd2_submit_inode_data [Tracepoint event]
  jbd2: jbd2_run_stats [Tracepoint event]
  jbd2: jbd2_checkpoint_stats [Tracepoint event]
  jbd2: jbd2_update_superblock_end [Tracepoint event]
  skb: kfree_skb [Tracepoint event]
  skb: consume_skb [Tracepoint event]
  skb: skb_copy_datagram_iovec [Tracepoint event]
  net: net_dev_xmit [Tracepoint event]
  net: net_dev_queue [Tracepoint event]
  net: netif_receive_skb [Tracepoint event]
  net: netif_rx [Tracepoint event]
  napi: napi_poll [Tracepoint event]
  sock: sock_rcvqueue_full [Tracepoint event]
  sock: sock_exceed_buf_limit [Tracepoint event]
  udp: udp_fail_queue_rcv_skb [Tracepoint event]
  scsi: scsi_dispatch_cmd_start [Tracepoint event]
  scsi: scsi_dispatch_cmd_error [Tracepoint event]
  scsi: scsi_dispatch_cmd_done [Tracepoint event]
  scsi: scsi_dispatch_cmd_timeout [Tracepoint event]
  scsi: scsi_eh_wakeup [Tracepoint event]
  ras: aer_event [Tracepoint event]
  block: block_rq_abort [Tracepoint event]
  block: block_rq_requeue [Tracepoint event]
  block: block_rq_complete [Tracepoint event]
  block: block_rq_insert [Tracepoint event]
  block: block_rq_issue [Tracepoint event]
  block: block_bio_bounce [Tracepoint event]
  block: block_bio_complete [Tracepoint event]
  block: block_bio_backmerge [Tracepoint event]
  block: block_bio_frontmerge [Tracepoint event]
  block: block_bio_queue [Tracepoint event]
  block: block_getrq [Tracepoint event]
  block: block_sleeprq [Tracepoint event]
  block: block_plug [Tracepoint event]
  block: block_unplug_timer [Tracepoint event]
  block: block_unplug_io [Tracepoint event]
  block: block_split [Tracepoint event]
  block: block_remap [Tracepoint event]
  block: block_rq_remap [Tracepoint event]
  writeback: writeback_nothread [Tracepoint event]
  writeback: writeback_queue [Tracepoint event]
  writeback: writeback_exec [Tracepoint event]
  writeback: writeback_pages_written [Tracepoint event]
  writeback: writeback_nowork [Tracepoint event]
  writeback: writeback_bdi_register [Tracepoint event]
  writeback: writeback_bdi_unregister [Tracepoint event]
  writeback: writeback_task_start [Tracepoint event]
  writeback: writeback_task_stop [Tracepoint event]
  writeback: wbc_writeback_start [Tracepoint event]
  writeback: wbc_writeback_written [Tracepoint event]
  writeback: wbc_writeback_wait [Tracepoint event]
  writeback: wbc_balance_dirty_start [Tracepoint event]
  writeback: wbc_balance_dirty_written [Tracepoint event]
  writeback: wbc_balance_dirty_wait [Tracepoint event]
  writeback: wbc_writepage [Tracepoint event]
  kmem: kmalloc [Tracepoint event]
  kmem: kmem_cache_alloc [Tracepoint event]
  kmem: kmalloc_node [Tracepoint event]
  kmem: kmem_cache_alloc_node [Tracepoint event]
  kmem: kfree [Tracepoint event]
  kmem: kmem_cache_free [Tracepoint event]
  kmem: mm_page_free_direct [Tracepoint event]
  kmem: mm_pagevec_free [Tracepoint event]
  kmem: mm_page_alloc [Tracepoint event]
  kmem: mm_page_alloc_zone_locked [Tracepoint event]
  kmem: mm_page_pcpu_drain [Tracepoint event]
  kmem: mm_page_alloc_extfrag [Tracepoint event]
  kmem: mm_anon_fault [Tracepoint event]
  kmem: mm_anon_pgin [Tracepoint event]
  kmem: mm_anon_cow [Tracepoint event]
  kmem: mm_anon_userfree [Tracepoint event]
  kmem: mm_anon_unmap [Tracepoint event]
  kmem: mm_filemap_fault [Tracepoint event]
  kmem: mm_filemap_cow [Tracepoint event]
  kmem: mm_filemap_unmap [Tracepoint event]
  kmem: mm_filemap_userunmap [Tracepoint event]
  kmem: mm_pagereclaim_pgout [Tracepoint event]
  kmem: mm_pagereclaim_free [Tracepoint event]
  kmem: mm_background_writeout [Tracepoint event]
  kmem: mm_olddata_writeout [Tracepoint event]
  kmem: mm_balancedirty_writeout [Tracepoint event]
  kmem: mm_kswapd_ran [Tracepoint event]
  kmem: mm_directreclaim_reclaimall [Tracepoint event]
  kmem: mm_directreclaim_reclaimzone [Tracepoint event]
  kmem: mm_pagereclaim_shrinkzone [Tracepoint event]
  kmem: mm_pagereclaim_shrinkactive [Tracepoint event]
  kmem: mm_pagereclaim_shrinkinactive [Tracepoint event]
  kmem: mm_kernel_pagefault [Tracepoint event]
  kmem: mm_vmscan_kswapd_sleep [Tracepoint event]
  kmem: mm_vmscan_kswapd_wake [Tracepoint event]
  kmem: mm_vmscan_wakeup_kswapd [Tracepoint event]
  kmem: mm_vmscan_direct_reclaim_begin [Tracepoint event]
  kmem: mm_vmscan_direct_reclaim_end [Tracepoint event]
  kmem: mm_vmscan_lru_isolate [Tracepoint event]
  kmem: mm_vmscan_writepage [Tracepoint event]
  power: power_start [Tracepoint event]
  power: power_frequency [Tracepoint event]
  power: power_end [Tracepoint event]
  power: pstate_sample [Tracepoint event]
  module: module_load [Tracepoint event]
  module: module_free [Tracepoint event]
  module: module_get [Tracepoint event]
  module: module_put [Tracepoint event]
  module: module_request [Tracepoint event]
  workqueue: workqueue_insertion [Tracepoint event]
  workqueue: workqueue_execution [Tracepoint event]
  workqueue: workqueue_creation [Tracepoint event]
  workqueue: workqueue_destruction [Tracepoint event]
  signal: signal_generate [Tracepoint event]
  signal: signal_deliver [Tracepoint event]
  timer: timer_init [Tracepoint event]
  timer: timer_start [Tracepoint event]
  timer: timer_expire_entry [Tracepoint event]
  timer: timer_expire_exit [Tracepoint event]
  timer: timer_cancel [Tracepoint event]
  timer: hrtimer_init [Tracepoint event]
  timer: hrtimer_start [Tracepoint event]
  timer: hrtimer_expire_entry [Tracepoint event]
  timer: hrtimer_expire_exit [Tracepoint event]
  timer: hrtimer_cancel [Tracepoint event]
  timer: itimer_state [Tracepoint event]
  timer: itimer_expire [Tracepoint event]
  irq: irq_handler_entry [Tracepoint event]
  irq: irq_handler_exit [Tracepoint event]
irq: softirq_entry [Tracepoint event]
  irq: softirq_exit [Tracepoint event]
  irq: softirq_raise [Tracepoint event]
  sched: sched_kthread_stop [Tracepoint event]
  sched: sched_kthread_stop_ret [Tracepoint event]
  sched: sched_wait_task [Tracepoint event]
  sched: sched_wakeup [Tracepoint event]
  sched: sched_wakeup_new [Tracepoint event]
  sched: sched_switch [Tracepoint event]
  sched: sched_migrate_task [Tracepoint event]
  sched: sched_process_free [Tracepoint event]
  sched: sched_process_exit [Tracepoint event]
  sched: sched_process_wait [Tracepoint event]
  sched: sched_process_fork [Tracepoint event]
  sched: sched_stat_wait [Tracepoint event]
  sched: sched_stat_sleep [Tracepoint event]
  sched: sched_stat_iowait [Tracepoint event]
  sched: sched_stat_blocked [Tracepoint event]
  sched: sched_stat_runtime [Tracepoint event]
  mce: mce_record [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_sendmmsg [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_sendmmsg [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_recvmmsg [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_recvmmsg [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_socketcall [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_socketcall [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_add_key [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_add_key [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_request_key [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_request_key [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_keyctl [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_keyctl [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_mq_open [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_mq_open [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_mq_unlink [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_mq_unlink [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_mq_timedsend [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_mq_timedsend [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_mq_timedreceive [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_mq_timedreceive [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_mq_notify [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_mq_notify [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_mq_getsetattr [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_mq_getsetattr [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_quotactl [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_quotactl [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_nfsservctl [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_nfsservctl [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_flock [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_flock [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_io_setup [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_io_setup [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_io_destroy [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_io_destroy [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_io_submit [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_io_submit [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_io_cancel [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_io_cancel [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_io_getevents [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_io_getevents [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_eventfd2 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_eventfd2 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_eventfd [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_eventfd [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_timerfd_create [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_timerfd_create [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_timerfd_settime [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_timerfd_settime [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_timerfd_gettime [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_timerfd_gettime [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_signalfd4 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_signalfd4 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_signalfd [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_signalfd [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_epoll_create1 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_epoll_create1 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_epoll_create [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_epoll_create [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_epoll_ctl [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_epoll_ctl [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_epoll_wait [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_epoll_wait [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_epoll_pwait [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_epoll_pwait [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_inotify_init1 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_inotify_init1 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_inotify_init [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_inotify_init [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_inotify_add_watch [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_inotify_add_watch [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_inotify_rm_watch [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_inotify_rm_watch [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_ioprio_set [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_ioprio_set [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_ioprio_get [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_ioprio_get [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_bdflush [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_bdflush [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_statfs [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_statfs [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_statfs64 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_statfs64 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_fstatfs [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_fstatfs [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_fstatfs64 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_fstatfs64 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_ustat [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_ustat [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_utime [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_utime [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_utimensat [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_utimensat [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_futimesat [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_futimesat [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_utimes [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_utimes [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_sync [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_sync [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_syncfs [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_syncfs [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_fsync [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_fsync [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_fdatasync [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_fdatasync [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_vmsplice [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_vmsplice [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_splice [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_splice [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_tee [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_tee [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_setxattr [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_setxattr [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_lsetxattr [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_lsetxattr [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_fsetxattr [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_fsetxattr [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_getxattr [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_getxattr [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_lgetxattr [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_lgetxattr [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_fgetxattr [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_fgetxattr [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_listxattr [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_listxattr [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_llistxattr [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_llistxattr [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_flistxattr [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_flistxattr [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_removexattr [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_removexattr [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_lremovexattr [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_lremovexattr [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_fremovexattr [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_fremovexattr [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_umount [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_umount [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_oldumount [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_oldumount [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_mount [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_mount [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_pivot_root [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_pivot_root [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_sysfs [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_sysfs [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_getcwd [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_getcwd [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_select [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_select [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_pselect6 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_pselect6 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_poll [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_poll [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_ppoll [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_ppoll [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_old_readdir [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_old_readdir [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_getdents [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_getdents [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_getdents64 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_getdents64 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_ioctl [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_ioctl [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_dup3 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_dup3 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_dup2 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_dup2 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_dup [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_dup [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_fcntl [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_fcntl [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_fcntl64 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_fcntl64 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_mknodat [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_mknodat [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_mknod [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_mknod [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_mkdirat [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_mkdirat [Tracepoint event]
 syscalls: sys_enter_mkdir [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_mkdir [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_rmdir [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_rmdir [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_unlinkat [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_unlinkat [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_unlink [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_unlink [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_symlinkat [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_symlinkat [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_symlink [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_symlink [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_linkat [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_linkat [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_link [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_link [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_renameat [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_renameat [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_rename [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_rename [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_pipe2 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_pipe2 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_pipe [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_pipe [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_uselib [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_uselib [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_stat [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_stat [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_lstat [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_lstat [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_fstat [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_fstat [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_newstat [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_newstat [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_newlstat [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_newlstat [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_newfstat [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_newfstat [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_readlinkat [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_readlinkat [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_readlink [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_readlink [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_stat64 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_stat64 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_lstat64 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_lstat64 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_fstat64 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_fstat64 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_fstatat64 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_fstatat64 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_lseek [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_lseek [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_llseek [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_llseek [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_read [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_read [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_write [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_write [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_readv [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_readv [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_writev [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_writev [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_preadv [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_preadv [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_pwritev [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_pwritev [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_sendfile [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_sendfile [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_sendfile64 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_sendfile64 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_truncate [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_truncate [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_ftruncate [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_ftruncate [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_faccessat [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_faccessat [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_access [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_access [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_chdir [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_chdir [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_fchdir [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_fchdir [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_chroot [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_chroot [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_fchmod [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_fchmod [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_fchmodat [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_fchmodat [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_chmod [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_chmod [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_fchownat [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_fchownat [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_chown [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_chown [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_lchown [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_lchown [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_fchown [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_fchown [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_open [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_open [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_openat [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_openat [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_creat [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_creat [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_close [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_close [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_vhangup [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_vhangup [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_swapoff [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_swapoff [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_swapon [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_swapon [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_process_vm_readv [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_process_vm_readv [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_process_vm_writev [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_process_vm_writev [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_msync [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_msync [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_mremap [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_mremap [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_mprotect [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_mprotect [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_brk [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_brk [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_munmap [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_munmap [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_mlock [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_mlock [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_munlock [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_munlock [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_mlockall [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_mlockall [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_munlockall [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_munlockall [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_mincore [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_mincore [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_madvise [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_madvise [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_remap_file_pages [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_remap_file_pages [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_mmap_pgoff [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_mmap_pgoff [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_perf_event_open [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_perf_event_open [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_kexec_load [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_kexec_load [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_acct [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_acct [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_delete_module [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_delete_module [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_init_module [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_init_module [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_chown16 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_chown16 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_lchown16 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_lchown16 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_fchown16 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_fchown16 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_setregid16 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_setregid16 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_setgid16 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_setgid16 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_setreuid16 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_setreuid16 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_setuid16 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_setuid16 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_setresuid16 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_setresuid16 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_getresuid16 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_getresuid16 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_setresgid16 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_setresgid16 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_getresgid16 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_getresgid16 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_setfsuid16 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_setfsuid16 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_setfsgid16 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_setfsgid16 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_getgroups16 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_getgroups16 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_setgroups16 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_setgroups16 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_getuid16 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_getuid16 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_geteuid16 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_geteuid16 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_getgid16 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_getgid16 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_getegid16 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_getegid16 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_set_robust_list [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_set_robust_list [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_get_robust_list [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_get_robust_list [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_futex [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_futex [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_getgroups [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_getgroups [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_setgroups [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_setgroups [Tracepoint event]
syscalls: sys_enter_setns [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_setns [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_nanosleep [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_nanosleep [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_timer_create [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_timer_create [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_timer_gettime [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_timer_gettime [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_timer_getoverrun [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_timer_getoverrun [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_timer_settime [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_timer_settime [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_timer_delete [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_timer_delete [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_clock_settime [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_clock_settime [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_clock_gettime [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_clock_gettime [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_clock_adjtime [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_clock_adjtime [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_clock_getres [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_clock_getres [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_clock_nanosleep [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_clock_nanosleep [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_setpriority [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_setpriority [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_getpriority [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_getpriority [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_reboot [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_reboot [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_setregid [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_setregid [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_setgid [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_setgid [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_setreuid [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_setreuid [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_setuid [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_setuid [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_setresuid [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_setresuid [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_getresuid [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_getresuid [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_setresgid [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_setresgid [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_getresgid [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_getresgid [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_setfsuid [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_setfsuid [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_setfsgid [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_setfsgid [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_times [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_times [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_setpgid [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_setpgid [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_getpgid [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_getpgid [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_getpgrp [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_getpgrp [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_getsid [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_getsid [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_setsid [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_setsid [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_newuname [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_newuname [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_sethostname [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_sethostname [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_setdomainname [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_setdomainname [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_getrlimit [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_getrlimit [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_old_getrlimit [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_old_getrlimit [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_setrlimit [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_setrlimit [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_getrusage [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_getrusage [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_umask [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_umask [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_prctl [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_prctl [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_getcpu [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_getcpu [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_restart_syscall [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_restart_syscall [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_rt_sigprocmask [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_rt_sigprocmask [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_rt_sigpending [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_rt_sigpending [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_rt_sigtimedwait [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_rt_sigtimedwait [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_kill [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_kill [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_tgkill [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_tgkill [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_tkill [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_tkill [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_rt_sigqueueinfo [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_rt_sigqueueinfo [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_rt_tgsigqueueinfo [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_rt_tgsigqueueinfo [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_sigpending [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_sigpending [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_sigprocmask [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_sigprocmask [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_rt_sigaction [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_rt_sigaction [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_sgetmask [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_sgetmask [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_ssetmask [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_ssetmask [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_signal [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_signal [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_pause [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_pause [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_rt_sigsuspend [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_rt_sigsuspend [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_alarm [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_alarm [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_getpid [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_getpid [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_getppid [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_getppid [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_getuid [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_getuid [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_geteuid [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_geteuid [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_getgid [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_getgid [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_getegid [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_getegid [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_gettid [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_gettid [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_sysinfo [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_sysinfo [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_ptrace [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_ptrace [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_capget [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_capget [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_capset [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_capset [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_sysctl [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_sysctl [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_time [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_time [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_stime [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_stime [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_gettimeofday [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_gettimeofday [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_settimeofday [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_settimeofday [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_adjtimex [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_adjtimex [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_getitimer [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_getitimer [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_setitimer [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_setitimer [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_exit [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_exit [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_exit_group [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_exit_group [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_waitid [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_waitid [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_wait4 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_wait4 [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_waitpid [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_waitpid [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_syslog [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_syslog [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_personality [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_personality [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_set_tid_address [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_set_tid_address [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_unshare [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_unshare [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_nice [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_nice [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_sched_setscheduler [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_sched_setscheduler [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_sched_setparam [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_sched_setparam [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_sched_getscheduler [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_sched_getscheduler [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_sched_getparam [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_sched_getparam [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_sched_setaffinity [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_sched_setaffinity [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_sched_getaffinity [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_sched_getaffinity [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_sched_yield [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_sched_yield [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_sched_get_priority_max [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_sched_get_priority_max [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_sched_get_priority_min [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_sched_get_priority_min [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter_sched_rr_get_interval [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit_sched_rr_get_interval [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_enter [Tracepoint event]
  syscalls: sys_exit [Tracepoint event]
  irq_vectors: local_timer_entry [Tracepoint event]
  irq_vectors: local_timer_exit [Tracepoint event]
  irq_vectors: reschedule_entry [Tracepoint event]
  irq_vectors: reschedule_exit [Tracepoint event]
  irq_vectors: spurious_apic_entry [Tracepoint event]
  irq_vectors: spurious_apic_exit [Tracepoint event]
  irq_vectors: error_apic_entry [Tracepoint event]
  irq_vectors: error_apic_exit [Tracepoint event]
  irq_vectors: x86_platform_ipi_entry [Tracepoint event]
  irq_vectors: x86_platform_ipi_exit [Tracepoint event]
  irq_vectors: irq_work_entry [Tracepoint event]
  irq_vectors: irq_work_exit [Tracepoint event]
  irq_vectors: call_function_entry [Tracepoint event]
  irq_vectors: call_function_exit [Tracepoint event]
  irq_vectors: call_function_single_entry [Tracepoint event]
  irq_vectors: call_function_single_exit [Tracepoint event]
  irq_vectors: threshold_apic_entry [Tracepoint event]
  irq_vectors: threshold_apic_exit [Tracepoint event]
  irq_vectors: thermal_apic_entry [Tracepoint event]
  irq_vectors: thermal_apic_exit [Tracepoint event]
Divided into several categories:

ext4 file system tracepoint events, if other file systems, such as XFS, also has a corresponding tracepoint event;

tracepoint events jbd2 log file;

skb memory tracepoint events;

net, napi, sock, udp: tracepoint events network;

scsi, block, writeback disk IO

kmem memory

sched scheduling

syscalls system calls

3. perf top -e xxx

The above perf list [hw | sw ...] can know all the tracepoint events, then we can use the perf top -e tracepoint-event specifically to obtain information for the specified tracepoint of:

1) perf top -e cpu-clock: Check CPU usage
2) perf top -e faults: See page faults
3) perf top -e block: block_rq_issue: View the system IO requests, such as can be found in the system IO exception, you can use this command to investigate, you can specify in the end is what causes IO exception. block_rq_issue represents block_request_issue is IO requests. In fact, from a variety of performance problems these can be seen, analysis and investigation on Linux, we need to have more understanding of the Linux kernel, otherwise it is probably impossible to start.
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