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  Linux process stack and process function stack frame
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  The main difference between understanding the function stack frame stack and Linux process and contact

A structure of Linux processes, where the stack as shown in FIG herein want to focus on the bottom of the stack is in a process of diminishing 0xc0000000 address memory area
Linux system for each process assigned to get to the bottom without making actual size
Overall cognitive Linux process stack is so much that
1) in the bottom of the stack 0xc0000000 (does not need to bottom of the stack pointer, stack frame function only requires bottom of the stack pointer)
2) growth direction of the stack, the address decreasing direction
3) stack pointer esp
4) size is unknown (not the focus of this article)
5) What is the content stored inside it?

Another concept is the relationship between the concept mentioned above stack frame of a function and its relationship with Linux process stack
Stack frame function in the process of construction and allocation of stack space and real memory address
Stack frame overall understanding of the function is:
1) ebp is the bottom of the stack function stack frame
2) esp top of the stack
3) All of a stack frame in the process of function calls this function when established, return to the caller, the called function's stack frame is no longer present
4) the establishment and disappearance of the stack frame for all functions is a dynamic process with the process of implementation varies

Process functions in the stack process provided to address is the relationship between the caller and the callee
1) How to enter the callee from the caller?
2) how to return to the caller from the callee?
3) the caller how to spend callee (called function parameter passing)?
4) How is the value of those surveyed reflected (passing the return value)?
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