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  Linux productivity tools and tips
  Add Date : 2017-01-08      
  Since productivity itself is a subjective term, I do not intend to explain in detail what I want to address here "productivity" Yes. I'm going to show you some tools and tips, hope this will help you work in Linux can be more focused, more efficient, and can save time.

Linux productivity tools and tips

Again, when I wrote this article I am using Ubuntu. However, I am going to show you here in productivity tools and the techniques applicable to the market but most Linux distributions.

Outside music

Music affect productivity, which is already an open secret. Psychologists from the management guru, they have been recommended to the outside noise to relax and focus on work. I do not intend to debate, because it really works for me. I put on headphones and listen to the birds singing and the wind, which really makes me very relaxed.

In Linux, I use ANoise player to play outside noise. Thanks to the PPA official, you can easily install Ambient Noise Player in Ubuntu and other Ubuntu-based Linux distributions. Install it, you can also play it offline outside of music.

Alternatively, you can always listen to outside noise online. My favorite online music sites are outside Noisli. Strongly recommend you try this.

Task management application

Producing a good habit is to draw up a list of tasks. If you will it, and use a combination of the Pomodoro Technique, it is possible to create a miracle. I am talking about here is to create a task list, if possible, to assign these tasks to a specific time. This will help you track the task off to a good plan.

For this, I recommend Go For It! Application. You can install it on all major Linux distributions, since it is based on ToDo.txt, you can easily sync to your smartphone. For this reason I have written a detailed guide on how to use Go For It !.

In addition, you can use Sticky Notes or Google Keep. If you need some more features similar to Evernote, Evernote you can use open source alternatives.

Clipboard Manager

Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V in our daily computer an indispensable part of life, their only shortcomings is that these important activities will not be remembered (default). If you copy a few important things, and then you accidentally copied a number of other things, you will lose the previous copy things.

Clipboard Manager in this case will come in handy, it can show you the nearest copy (to the clipboard) history content, you can copy text from it back to the clipboard.

For this purpose, I prefer Diodon clipboard manager. It is in active development, and can get it in the Ubuntu repositories.

Recent notification

If you are busy with other things, but this time a desktop notification flashed out gradually disappeared, how would you do? You'll want to see what the notification says, is not it? Recently notification indicator is used to handle this work, it will keep a history of all recent notifications. In this way, you'll never miss a desktop notifications.

You can read a recent notification indicator here.

Terminal Tips

No, I'm not going to show you all those Linux command skills and quick way, that would be filled with the entire blog. I'm going to show you some of the terminals black tips, you can use them to improve your productivity.

Modify sudo password timeout: By default, sudo command requires you to enter your password again after 15 minutes, which is really annoying. In fact, you can change the default sudo password timeout. This tutorial will show you how to achieve.
Get desktop notification command completion: This is a common joke among friends IT - developers spend a lot of time to wait for the program is compiled - but this is not entirely correct. However, it does affect productivity, because you wait for the program is compiled, you can do other things, and you forget to run the command in a terminal. A better way, that is, when a command is completed, let it show desktop notifications. In this way, you will not be interrupted for a long time, and can return to the previous thing you want to do. Read how to get desktop notifications command completion.
I know that this is not a comprehensive coverage of the article to enhance the productivity. However, these small applications, and tips to help you do more of your precious time in real life.

Now it is your turn. In Linux, you use what procedures or techniques to improve the productivity of it? What are the things you want to share it with the community?
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