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  Linux screen command
  Add Date : 2016-05-18      
  If there is no screen command, you need to install about

The first step in the installation
yyum install screen
rpm -qa | grep screenscreen-4.0.3-4.el5

Well, there is a process to enter y and N, y can be input. Finally, we see the Complete! Haha installation was successful. Here to talk about the usage of the command

1.screen -S as to create a job of this as is the custom, you can name
Creates a window after the carriage return, we operate in this window which belong to the background operation, Ctru + a + z only exit the window, command execution does not affect the inside.

2.screen -r as a window to view the contents inside job

3.screen -d specified screen work offline

4. Clear the dead Session
If for some reason one of the sessions is dead (for example, artificial kill the session),
At this screen -list displays the session state is dead. Use the session command to clear the screen -wipe
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