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  Linux screen commonly commands
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Presumably, as long as contact with Linux for some time, you must know the screen this amazing tool, and it has the following some advantages:

1. The background: When you execute ssh terminal shell, then if the network is disconnected, your program will happen? TERMINATED ah! With the screen, you can let the program run at the screen and not with the ssh disconnect disconnected.

2. Multi-window management: Sometimes, we need to run a command, and then at the same time look at its log files, etc., then we can easily use the screen split-screen function, while you run the command while viewing log files.

screen most commonly used commands: (CTRL + a represents a control and press together and release together)

Create a screen session

screen -S test

From (detach) the current session

CTRL + a and d

Access (attach) a session called test

screen -r test
screen -x test
Create a new window (create)

CTRL + a and c
Switch to the next window (next)

CTRL + a and n
Rename the current window (rename), note the W represents a shift + w

CTRL + a let after W
Appears below the prompt, and enter the new name, press Enter
Displays the current list of all windows, note the double quotes

CTRL + a then "

Multi-window common commands

Longitudinal split screen

CTRL + a then |

Note that the new division of the region where there is no shell, and you can not do anything, so you can use

CTRL + a then TAB
Switch to the new regional segmentation, use CTRL + a and c, create a new window, so you can simultaneously operated in both windows

Lateral split screen (S for SHIFT + s)

CTRL + a then S

Set the bottom of the window title

Observant students may notice that the Information Bar at the bottom of my window, and you want it?

Then put the following code into the final surface / etc / screenrc it!

# Allows you to set the window title

caption always "%% {bW.} - w%% n% t% {rW.} {-}% + w% =% H% Y /% m /% d"
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