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  Linux security settings
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Linux security settings Raiders is for Linux beginners reference!

1, Bios Security must give Bios set a password to prevent by changing the boot order in the Bios, which you can boot from a floppy disk. This prevents someone trying to use a special boot disk to your system, you can also prevent others from entering the Bios settings which change (such as allowing through the floppy disk, etc.).

2, LILO Security in "/etc/lilo.conf" file by adding the following three parameters: time-out, restricted, password. These three parameters may make your system when you start lilo requires password authentication.

The first step:

Edit lilo.conf file (vi /etc/lilo.comf), or if changing these three parameters:

boot = / dev / hda map = / boot / map install = / boot / boot.b time-out = 00 # this line that is 00

prompt Default = linux restricted # add this line password = # add this line and set your own password

image = / boot / vmlinuz-2.2.14-12 label = linux initrd = / boot / initrd-2.2.14-12.img root = / dev / hda6 read-only

Step two:

Because "/etc/lilo.conf" file contains clear text passwords, so it should be set to root permissions to read.

[Root @ kapil /] # chmod 600 /etc/lilo.conf

third step:

Update the system in order to "/etc/lilo.conf" file made changes to take effect.

[Root @ kapil /] # / sbin / lilo -v

the fourth step:

Use "chattr" command to make the "/etc/lilo.conf" file becomes irrevocable.

[Root @ kapil /] # chattr + i /etc/lilo.conf This will prevent "/etc/lilo.conf" change ......
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