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  Linux SSH commands
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Directory Operations:
rm -rf mydir / * mydir directory to delete * /
mkdir dirname / * * Create a directory named dirname /
cd mydir / * mydir into the directory * /
cd - / * Back to the parent directory * /
cd .. / * back to the parent directory with a space * /
cd ~ / * Back to the root directory * /
mv tools tool / * the tools directory renamed tool * /
ln -s tool bac / * tool to create a directory called bac symbolic links, should be the most familiar with FTP, www link to the public_html directory * /
cp -a tool / home / vpser / www / * Copy the next tool catalog all files to www directory * /

File operations:
rm go.tar / * Remove go.tar file * /
find mt.cgi / * Find the file named mt.cgi * /
df -h / * Check the remaining disk space, this did not seem necessary, unless you too that * /

tar xvf wordpress.tar / * extract the tar file format * /
tar -tvf myfile.tar / * View file tar contained in the file * /

tar cf toole.tar tool / * the directory tool packaged as toole.tar file * /
tar cfz vpser.tar.gz similar tool / * the directory tool packaged and compressed into vpser.tar.gz file, because almost no .tar file compressed, MT unzip the .tar.gz file into a .tar files 10MB * /

tar jcvf /var/bak/www.tar.bz2 / var / www / / * create a .tar.bz2 file compression rate * /
tar xjf www.tar.bz2 / * unpack tar.bz2 format * /

gzip -d ge.tar.gz / * .tar.gz file to extract the .tar file * /
unzip phpbb.zip / * extract the zip file under windows to compress a .tar.gz file format is still somewhat cumbersome * /

wget http://soft.linuxidc.com/web/nginx/nginx-0.8.0.tar.gz
/ * Download a file from a remote server to your server, and even upload are saved, the server is not 100M 1000M bandwidth to download a megabyte MT 2-3 tens of seconds is not something * /
wget -c http://soft.linuxidc.com/web/nginx/nginx-0.8.0.tar.gz
/ * Not continue downloading the last downloaded file * /

Process Management:
ps -aux / * ps process status query command * /

Meaning ps command output fields:
[*] USER, the user name of the process owner.
[*] PID, process ID, uniquely identifies the process.
[*] Percentage% CPU, the process since the last refresh of the CPU time and the total time.
[*]% MEM, the percentage of memory used by the process.
[*] Virtual memory size VSZ, the process used in K.
[*] RSS, the process takes the total amount of physical memory, in K.
[*] TTY, terminal name related to the process.
[*] STAT, process state, with (R-- running or ready to run; S-- sleep state; I-- idle; Z-- freeze; D-- uninterrupted sleep; W- process is not resident pages; T stop or track.) these letters.
[*] START, the process starts running time.
[*] TIME, the total CPU time used by the process.
[*] COMMAND, is the command line to be executed.
[/ List]

ps -aux | grep nginx / * in all processes, find nginx process * /
kill 1234 / * 1234 is the process ID, namely ps -aux the PID * /
killall nginx / * killall name of the program through direct killing all processes, nginx for the process name * /

Vim operation:

Mobile class:
h / j / k / l: Left / Lower / Upper / Right Move one space
w: word backwards movement (preceded by the number of digital mobile word)
b: word moving forward (digital mobile number preceded by words)
e: Move back end of the word
ge: to move forward at the end of the word
$ : end of the line
0 : the line
tx: Finding the right bank of the x and moved there (capitalized to the left)
33G: Move the file on line 33
gg: the first line of the file
G: End of File Line
33%: 33% of the file
H / M / L: the screen first / middle / end of line
zt / zz / zb: The current row to the screen first / middle / bottom

": Go back to the place
CTRL-O: Jump to a 'older' place
CTRL-I : jumps to a "newer" place

/: Look down (after adding keywords)
?: Find upward (after adding keywords)
n: the next matching record

i: switch to insert mode
x: delete the current character
: Repeat the last modification operations (with PS Lane ctrl + f to Filter)
u: Undo
CTRL-R: Redo
p: deletes the character into the current position (put)

Exit Saving:
: Q: quit
: Q:! To exit without saving
ZZ: save and exit
: E:! Discard the changes to re-edit

Master these basic commands, SSH Linux has mastered the basic use under, just more practice, more experience and solve problems, the ability to be continuously improved.
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