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  Linux System Getting Started Learning: Debian download, installation and graphical interface
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Many versions of Linux, and with respect to non-professional users uncommon. Unlike Windows system as the public, somewhat knowledge knows that the configuration of the machine a little lower on the choice of Windows XP Professional SP3, Asp engage with Windows 2003 Enterprise SP2, a little on the tall directly on Windows2008 and 2012, on the common machines on Win7 32-bit system with more than 4G of memory on the Win7x64, Wini7 under the version, although much, but simply do not want to choose the most authoritative Ultimate ...... well most people are not engaged in iT are still Win8 or Win10 debate endlessly, anyway, Windows is public, but Linux was very rarely discussed, in fact, even more frightening is that, just see a bunch of people to Linux expert peer Ubuntu, Debian and CentOS debate, and simply do not know which Linux to get started, anyway, to which Linux is not good to use.

I went through several attempts to download the latest version of the hottest Ubuntu 14.04 on a 1G virtual machine installed for a long time, I feel the card explosion, pro-test found a congregation reputation after Linux is not contrary to the card with anger unloading, and after studying from Debian, then toss on a virtual machine installed N times, finally somehow a normal Linux system.

First, the basic concepts

First, many versions of Linux, one Ubuntu, Debian version of Linux and Centos are as WIN7, WinXP As for the relationship of the same Windows. But, Linux is no official version. Ubuntu, Debian and Centos and so was in use, in addition there are more eyesight, and each has a version of the Linux version of its subordinates, such Ubuntu8.0, Ubuntu10.04 like. Currently most people use Linux system is said to be Ubuntu.

Ubuntu is a Debian transformation from above, and is said to be designed for individual users, but also added a bunch of special effects, so no wonder the card. I really do not understand, if not now a bunch of servers on Linux, in addition to those big God masochistic tendencies, who have time to use your Linux ah. What the command should lose lost passwords. Windows cards are cards, but close to the people, up to seven or eight years old, under the twenty-year-old child can understand.

While running Debian server, but it is a graphical interface, in fact, no doubt, you can use bold with other versions of Linux.

The following will be in VMWare virtual machine to install Debian as an example to explain, Windows and Linux dual system or the like is not recommended. Winxp Win7 with two different system architectures have been put together on a problem. Usually Win7 virtual machine installed Winxp up. You are NTFS or FAT32 EXT with two different file systems insist together, the saying goes, a horse is not sweet, are you waiting on both sides of this kind of small issues now. Strongly not recommended. It is strongly recommended Windows as the primary system, Linux is just above the Windows files.

Debian is not the most cards, draw 1G ram to run on top of it in a virtual machine, more than sufficient.

Two, Debian downloads

The Debian begin downloading the moment, most people are unpredictable, unlike Ubuntu, up is a big download button, a little intelligence knows where to download. Debian download either a good round of study do not know how to download.

All are open source Linux system, you can rest assured that download, the installation process is also no activation code, serial number allows you to fill, completely free.

1. First, open the Debian official website, https: //www.debian.org/ (click to open the link). This official website is very simple, I like, like Ubuntu so terribly hyun, cards burst. Now, if the pages are such like, would be great, but can not, huh, huh. After you select the ISO image, then choose to use BT or choose to HTTP or FTP downloads can be, anyway, now download the tool, these two methods are the same fast, after selecting the DVD version of the AMD64 or I386 version, the difference between them is WIN7 64 WIN7 32 with distinction, and playing in a virtual machine under Linux 32-bit card system is not so, not to mention 32 system is too classic

2, open Debian7 the DVD, I386 edition appeared a bunch of weird file on the case where the first image is enough. The debian-7.8.0-i386-DVD-1.iso is actually a complete Debian system, and find a normal point of download tools slowly, the full 4G. I started very surprised. After all, a full version of Windows XP Professional SP3, but its size 700M, a full version of Windows 2003 Enterprise SP2 is 500M enough. An official Windows7 is 3.5G. Of course, Debian is only a 100M installation package, but even that, and nothing, not even a graphical interface.

I recommend this slag slag you get started, do not be so boring, and directly on a Debian spree of 4G.

Other weird file is said to be a bunch of Debian packages, including those debian-7.8.0-i386-DVD-2.iso, debian-7.8.0-i386-DVD-3.iso ...... all , Linux systems are so like Diao, for safety, all the software is basically provided by the official.

Three, Debian's installation

1, mounted in a virtual machine before downloading to the debian-7.8.0-i386-DVD-1.iso first disconnect the network cable, and then have to close up your portable wireless cable. The Debian, including Ubuntu yesterday I tried not know hell, read the installation data network actually start reading data rather than the data read from the hard disk, I do not even want to know this design. Guo Jia network you know, so you have a computer network, ensure that you did not want to hang up until dawn installed a Debian.

2, start, you mount the debian-7.8.0-i386-DVD-1.iso virtual machines to directly select the first item Install, this feeling than the second graphical installation, no different. Perhaps I installed the system more.

3. After selecting the Chinese, to see who loaded B ah? Chinese is the most you can read favorite language.

4, after the Chinese region selection, there are some clutter, the default on the line, the installation continues. After the card will be a long time. 10-15 minutes.

5, will be asked after the host name, you can write directly on Debian, no meaning, it is something you see in the Network Neighborhood is the name of Bale. Windows Installer did this, Windows host name is assigned by the system good, installed before you changed.

6, then asked the domain name, do not fill directly, then later do get another server. Use arrow cursor to continue, press Enter

7, then you have to set a root password, be sure to set this thing in mind, and the best read after setting pen to write. This password is forgotten, the whole Linux only heavy equipment. After all, many of the Linux operating should use a password.

8, then you must set up a user, can not do not give an adminstrator set for you to play like Windows, Debian does not let you set the admin as the account name, a simple change of name. Anyway, the same or forget the trouble.

9, after which they set a password for the account. For example, I set above PC account, so I entered this password is admin PC, with the above root password is different. Fortunately Debian system allows both passwords the same. All mess admin, anyway, while you installed Debian let into the system as soon as you enter the PC account passwords.

10, after the partition, choose the first default recommended that, just one area, then all the files are placed in this area, anyway, I was a virtual machine, only 20G space. LVM I do not know what's to come.

11, after somehow, continue to point, have to wait a long time, and then the installation process, you are asked not to scan the disk, you first select "Yes", it read debian-7.8.0-i386-DVD- 1.iso also ask you not to scan, you can select No.

12, Saowan DVD you have to ask it not to sweep the Debian network resources, killing all select No, or I Why do I have to pull you off the radio in the network cable installed ah? You do not know you have to wait to download a file N long, installed as Eclipse plug-ins have to wait for the dead, then not as their own manual installation fast. What the network installation system also ah? Obviously debian-7.8.0-i386-DVD-1.iso things inside have been enough for us to use. Who do you think are your computer network Europe ah? Our annual card 800 Ocean also terribly!

13. After you select No, have to wait a long time, which may also download the file cards are part of, but please be assured that its essence is in debian-7.8.0-i386-DVD-1.iso read only slow things . Installation is carried out slowly.

14. After the installation process, the program will pop up for user experience of balloon, killing all select No, I am the master of Linux, you will not use this as an excuse to steal my data up!

15, after the most critical step, choose Debian "software" Please do not use the Enter key, you must use the spacebar to all components of the whole election, all marked with a star. Listen to me, to be sure, maybe someday you to use it? Enter the selected then OK. Debian for most people favored loaded B, graphical interface is a component, you can also do not really Oh good-bye

16, this step is finally finished out the installation is complete, do not bother with it to remove the disc tips direct selection, resume, restart the computer.

17, select the first item, enter the system

18, The input to the PC just set a password to enter the system, and then press the upper right corner off, the entire Debian Linux is finally installed.
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