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  Linux System Getting Started Learning: DeVeDe installed on Linux to create a video DVD
  Add Date : 2017-08-31      
  Question: I want to create a video DVD from MP4 movie files, there I can use to create a video DVD DVD authoring tools on Linux desktop environment?

DeVeDe is an open source (GPLv3) DVD authoring software, which allows you to create a video DVD, VCD, SVCD or DivX video from any number of files. DeVeDe dependent on other issues such as Mplayer, FFMpeg, MEncoder, DVDAuthor, VCDImager and MKisofs like software for format conversion. As such, it supports a variety of input mainstream video / audio formats (such as .mp4, .avi, .mpg, .mkv). You may be between PAL and NTSC video format selection to be the field menu or subtitles.

If you want to keep or distribute your vacation home or a copy of the audio and video entertainment, DeVeDe can come in handy.

Installation Devede

Debian, Ubuntu and its derivatives Edition:

# Aptitude install devede
RHEL or CentOS:

Enable EPEL and Nux Dextop warehouse, and then run:

# Yum install devede

Enable RPM Fusion repository, then run:

# Yum install devede
Create a video DVD using DeVeDe

Start DeVeDe and select the video from the DVD menu.

On the next screen, DeVeDe will automatically add a title to the collection. You can edit captions (1) add a file (2), and then add another title. If necessary, can be repeated during this operation.

After the end of the current title, "Title Properties" dialog box allows you to implement between 6 Behavior. When finished, click OK:

"File Properties" dialog box is used to add files to the current title. Click the folder icon (top right corner), and then browse your computer to select the desired file. You can also add a subtitle file by clicking the Add button on the right side of the dialog box subtitle. Choosing a video file (or is it the subtitle file), click OK to the bottom right corner.

You can add your desired enough files (limited only by the capacity of the DVD).

Next, edit the menu option. You can select a background image and sound files, play (will appear in the DVD into the player) when the main menu is displayed.

Finally, click on the menu option in the dialog box to determine the disc back to the main structure, where you need to click Next to begin to create a video DVD .iso image structure.

After DeVeDe have created video DVD, the following dialog will be presented in front of us:

Now, we can burn the .iso file (the file that contains the video DVD) to a disc, you can use growisofs or other DVD burning tool.
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