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  Linux System Getting Started Learning: The Linux ac command
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Linux in ac order under the current / var / log / wtmp file entry and exit logged in to report the user connections, the default is based on an hourly basis, if you do not use the logo, the report is the total time.

It has two main parameters:

(1) -d displays the connection time per day.

(2) -p displays each user's connection time.

For example, type ac command, and then press the Enter key, it will display the following:

[Root @ linuxhost /] # ac
total 496.35 Type ac -d command, and then press Enter to display the total connect time per day:

Aug 12 total 261.87
Aug 13 total 351.39
Aug 14 total 396.09
Aug 15 total 462.63
Aug 16 total 270.45
Aug 17 total 104.29
Today total 179.02

Type ac -p command, and then press Enter to display the total connect time for each user:

[Www.linuxhost.com@linuxhost ~] $ exit
[Root @ linuxhost /] # ac -p
  tom 0.32
  root 496.05
  total 496.37
[Root @ linuxhost /] #
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