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  Linux System Getting Started Tutorial: Five image processing software
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  When hair articles, always found pictorial speak. After a long period of running under Linux has several desktop image processing software I've used more effortless. This several software widely used in the Linux world, each Linux distribution depot have built-in installation package, and that several software stable, attractive interface. Especially recommend it to everyone here.

Five image processing tools see my desktop, left Luancher following five icons that I want to introduce today:

First, the Snipping Tool gnome-screenshot

Do not have to install the software, it is a screenshot of the software that comes with the Gnome desktop, usually in the Linux system is installed automatically after the completion of the installation, its software name is gnome-screenshot, screenshot Chinese name is called, very direct. Although there are many other Linux under better screenshot software, but I think this system comes completely sufficient. And easy to use.

Use this tool do not even need to run it special, you only need to remember a few shortcuts Gnome desktop is sufficient, these shortcuts are as follows:

1. PrintScreen key: just press the top right of the keyboard "Print Screen" key, you can screenshot of the entire screen, then "click rubbing" sound, will jump out of the dialog box to save the picture, very convenient.

2. Alt + PrintScreen key: If you only need the current window screenshot, you can press Alt + PrintScreen.

3. Shift + PrintScreen key: If you want to be an area screenshot, press Shift + PrintScreen key, then the mouse pointer will change shape, hold down the left mouse button and drag, which range on the selection screen on which you can range shots.

Tip: When you use the shortcut key shots, often difficult to cut, such as a menu item under the drop-down box and other contents of the pop-up interface. To capture these elements, you can not use the above shortcuts, you must open the screenshot of the software, and set the theme for a few seconds delay, and then open the menu operation, set the delay time is up, put the menus, drop-down box contents cut down.

Second, the bitmap processing software GIMP

This software can be regarded as Photoshop Linux system under powerful. It is because of the powerful, so you want to harness it must be the next point effort. Because I used to have Photoshop basis, so the software is not too difficult to get started. The software starts after the initial interface may not be everyone's habits

But never mind, through the window in the single-window mode menu options can be changed to the following screen:

Third, the software Inkscape vector drawing

Let's look at Inkscape interface, very powerful to say:

Why I am here to introduce a bitmap processing software, and then introduce a vector drawing software? That is because the processing bitmap and vector processing is still a difference. For example: For example, I often have to cut down on my pictures, the focus mark a command or a menu, when I used to draw on a target with a red frame for emphasis. Frame for such a simple thing, very easy to use Inkscape in vector drawing software, the frame is the frame, the frame can be changed after the unfinished edge color and style of this box, you can change the fill color and styles, you can drag its location, you can change its size, but bitmap processing software, you have a different mode of thinking, the bitmap processing software, only the first frame you want to build a rectangular selection, then this constituency stroke and fill, you can also select feathering, so you can get a vague frame, once the stroke and fill end, then the frame can no longer be changed. So Inkscape add suitable frame, so that the work of the text, while GIMP is suitable for the emergence of the constituency, irregular cutting area map, add this work shadow and light.

Fourth, more suitable for a schematic drawing software programmers Dia

Dia function is also very powerful, its greatest advantage is that it contains a lot of built-in image elements, ideal for drawing flowcharts, UML various schematic diagrams.

Several top class diagram I just scribble, DIA is a manifestation of what the effect of the background color of the inside of no special significance.

Five grand recommend a UML modeling tool umbrello

In order to find an easy to use UML modeling tool I spent a lot of thought, a good tool to have money, such as Rose, Enterprise Architecture, Microsoft Visual Studio, and so on; not money, tools, quality is not always so satisfactory. After many tests, I finally chose umbrello. This is the KDE desktop comes with modeling software, but in the Gnome desktop can also run perfectly.

And DIA compared to its greatest advantage is the support of UML forward function and reverse function. That is, it can generate code from UML models, UML diagrams can also be generated from our written code. The DIA is pure drawing tools, UML diagram is the figure, it does not understand its meaning, but can not generate the code.

Well, today write so I hope you Enjoy Linux.
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