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  Linux system man help tips
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Linux system man help tips

Query man behind the numbers meaning:
A user can operate the switch shell commands or executable files
2 core system can almost be called a function and tools
3 Some commonly used functions (function) and the library (library), most of the c library (libc)
4 hardware description file, usually / dev / files
5 format configuration file or some files
6 Games (games)
7 conventions and protocols, such as linux file systems, network protocols, ASCIIcode and other instructions
8 system administrator commands available
9 documents related with the kernel

man page look broadly divided into sections:
NAME: simple commands, data Name
SYNOPSIS: short command syntax (sysntax) Introduction
DESCRIPTION: more complete description requires careful reading
OPTION: all available options listed in the instructions for SYNOPSIS
COMMANDS: When this software is executed, use the command can be used in this software
FILES: The use of software or data or reference or link to a file
SEE ALSE: you can refer to other instructions related to this command
EXAMPLE: Some examples can refer to, this is the best use
BUGS: Are there any relevant bug

man in related operations
ctrl + F or Page Down: Down
ctrl + B or Page Up: Page Up
gg to the first row
GG to the last row
/ Start: can search start the relevant character in the entire manual, use n to find the next one, use N to find a
j, k and vi as in use, j down one line, k line up
d scroll down half a page
Turn on half a page u
h Get help using the man
q Exit man

man profile man.conf
MANPATH / usr / man: Set Path man file storage
MANPATH / opt / * / man: to set

man -f command: You can find other man help system commands, such as: man man, the system will prompt 1,1p, 7,5 different help
man -k commands without spelling: this will help when we are using the full command,
Such as: I forgot iptables command can only remember ipta you can use man -k ipta, the system will include ipta commands displayed on the screen
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