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  Linux system network security tools sudo Introduction
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Although all versions of Linux distribution comes with a number of free open-source software, but there are still a large number of useful tools are not default. Included in their CD-ROM, especially with some of the tools to enhance Linux network security package, most of which are also free open source software.

Here's a brief introduction to the sudo Enhanced Linux network security tools.

sudo allows a system administrator to certain user programs run as root partial / total system commands. One obvious use is to enhance the security of the site, if you need a day to do some routine work as root, execute the command of some frequently only a fixed number of root identity can perform, then use sudo is very suitable for you.

sudo's home page at: http: //www.courtesan.com/courtesan/products/sudo/

In RedHat, for example, the following brief installation and setup process:

First, you download from the home page on sudo forRedhatLinux of rpmpackage.

It ftp://ftp.freshmeat.net/pub/rpms/sudo/ most current stable version 1.5.9p4.

# Rpm-ivhsudo * perform the installation, then use / usr / sbin / visudo edit / etc / sudoers file.

If you are prompted to find / usr / bin / vi vi but in fact you have a program in the directory / bin, you need to

ln-sf / bin / vi / usr / bin / vi vi create a symbolic link in / usr / bin is. (Note: I'm on the Redhat6.1 encountered, Redhat5.x not on this issue)

In addition, if some other error occurs, you may also need to # chmod700 / var / run / sudo

Here is my / etc / sudoers file example:


[Root @ sh-proxy / etc] #moresudoers

Host_AliasSERVER = sh-proxy


User_AliasADMIN = jephe, tome


Cmnd_AliasSHUTDOWN = / etc / halt, / etc / shutdown, / etc / reboot


jepheSERVER = / usr / bin / tail-f / var / log / maillog

jepheSERVER = / usr / bin / tail-f / var / log / messages


rootALL = (ALL) ALL

Since I often need to remotely log in to the server observe changes emaillog file / var / log / maillog, so I added this line to / etc / sudoers, so I do not often logged in as root to complete my daily work, improves safety.
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