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  Linux system security audit tools scan nessus installation tutorial
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Nessus is a powerful Linux system security scanning audit tool for the hacker, it is to look for the target host vulnerability tool that can be used to scan widget has daily updates, update speed class, the majority of security aficionados

But with respect to the technical level fledgling rookie, only I heard the name, how to install and use, but does not know the purpose of this paper is to make a simple description language can be read to understand the Chinese people themselves can be installed
nessus scanner is c / s mode structure
Client can be installed on windows host, but the host server does not win support systems
This way, the majority of local rookie headache
With no windows on my computer, I can only say that relatively speaking about the installation process
As for the client to http://nessuswx.nessus.org/archive/nessuswx-1.4.4-install.exe
Download the 1.4.4 version of the installation

For those who want the server to use in windows proposal to build a * nix platform vmware, installation

Now suppose that you have installed on the vmware, virtual machine and already have * nix environment
Open a terminal window (that is, the command line)
In which the input
wget ftp://ftp.ayamura.org/pub/nessus/nessus-2...us-installer.sh
The meaning of this line is to use wget command to download the file to the current directory nessus-installer.sh
wget is a very good text mode download tool, and now there are versions for win
First download and install the angle of the server, and then in the current file directory
carried out
chmod 711 nessus-installer.sh
Command to add the executable file properties
Here I want to explain the specific meaning chmod 711
Look at this article, even if you do not install nessus, can learn basic unix knowledge point
chmod is unix, linux under a command to set the appropriate file permissions
Use file permissions can according to different users, while separate, are user (file owner), group (file owner's group) and the other (other users, which is not the file owner and the group that other system users)
Each category can set whether they have read & write (w), execute (x) permission
The file permissions can be viewed with ls -l,
For example: ls -l nessus-installer.sh
-rwx - x - x 1 root root 3957124 5 Yue 28 04:14 nessus-installer.sh
Do not clear the file owner has read and write permissions to perform, and user group permissions and other users can perform only
chmod 711 this command, the 711 three figures representing the owner of the file, the user's group and other appropriate user permissions
Here, you can see the following digital converter
Reading (Read): 4
Write (Write): 2
Executable (Executable): 1
If you want to set a category appropriate permissions to put these numbers corresponding expression, and the sum can be, for example, is above 7 indicates that the file owner has read and write permissions to perform, while the other group of users and users have executable privileges

We just added to the mounting angle of the executable permissions, you can now perform to install, but many novices do not know how to run an executable file a * nix environment

Actually very simple, as long as the front with a "./", then the file name behind it
For example: ./ nessus-installer.sh

Another way, we see the file extension is .sh, this is the angle of the shell
You can use the shell to execute it, we enter sh nessus-installer.sh, the file can be executed

Now we perform the installation angle of the sh nessus-installer.sh
The system will be as follows:
Welcome to the Nessus Installation Script!

This script will install Nessus 2.0.10a (STABLE) on your system.

Please note that you will need root privileges at some point so that
the installation can complete.

Nessus is released under the version 2 of the GNU General Public License
(See http://www.gnu.org/licences/gpl.html for details).

To get the latest version of Nessus, visit http://www.nessus.org

Press ENTER to continue


Welcome message and instructions to install the root authority, and prompt and press Enter to continue

Here, I assume you have an administrator user, hit Enter to continue
Wait a while there will be
Where do you want the whole Nessus package to be installed?
(/ Usr / local)
Here is the installation program lets you set the path, at this time we can use the default, you will be able to add a carriage return
Of course, you can also install elsewhere, such as input / opt / scan etc.
Hit Enter to continue,
Nessus is now ready to be installed on this host.
The installation process will first compile it then install it

Press ENTER to continue

The installer prompts you to further installation confirmation message, if you do not want to install, exit to it, if it is confirmed the installation, hit Enter to continue the installation program will perform
Here beat the Enter key to continue
After installation is complete there will be the following information

Congratulations! Nessus is now installed on this host

. Create a nessusd certificate using / usr / local / sbin / nessus-mkcert
. Add a nessusd user use / usr / local / sbin / nessus-adduser
. Start the Nessus daemon (nessusd) use / usr / local / sbin / nessusd -D
. Start the Nessus client (nessus) use / usr / local / bin / nessus
. To uninstall Nessus, use / usr / local / sbin / uninstall-nessus

. Remember to invoke 'nessus-update-plugins' periodically to update your
list of plugins

. A step by step demo of Nessus is available at:

Press ENTER to quit

Shows a successful installation, press the Enter key to exit
Here back out of the executable file and the path to the program after installation is complete, you can http://www.nessus.org/demo/
See the official presentation
We hit the carriage return after the installation is complete, users will begin to add
Input: nessus-adduser Enter

/ Usr / local / sbin / nessus-adduser
Using / var / tmp as a temporary file holder

Add a new nessusd user

Enter the user name here
Then Authentication (pass / cert) (pass):
Prompted to select authentication method, we directly enter, use the default password authentication without certificate

Then Login password:
, Enter your password, press Ctrl + D to save
Then we start the service nessusd -D
Note case
If the system appears to say whether the certificate has been generated, then the service failed to start, then the implementation nessus-mkcert
Just enter some information, generate a certificate, and then start nessusd -D
After the service starts execution nessus command line will come out in the main program
Prior to this we can also perform at: nessus-update-plugins
Scan to upgrade plug-ins, and then start scanning
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