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  Linux system started to learn: Teaches you install Fedora 22 on VirtualBox
  Add Date : 2016-05-23      
  Linux system started to learn, to prepare text for the Linux novice, by showing the entire installation process to make Linxu novice to complete the installation Fedora, also implore seniors noted deficiencies.

Fedora Introduction

Fedora is a Linux distribution developed by the Fedora community, sponsored by Red Hat company. Fedora can be seen as Red Hat Linux instead of personal use, due to the company's support of Red Hat, Fedora function very well, it is also divided into WORKSTATION, SERVER and CLOUD version. As used herein, the Fedora 22 WORKSTATION (workstation), Fedora 22 has the package manager from YUM to DNF, it is recommended that learners direct learning DNF.

This article Environment

Windows 10 64-bit
VirtualBox-5.0 Click here to download
Fedora 22 64-bit Click here to download
Fedora 22 32-bit configuration for low users click here to download
More Linux distribution download

Fedora Installation

1. Create and load the disc

Refer to the Ubuntu section above.

2. Install Fedora

Click Start, it will boot into the following interface, select Start Fedora Live

start installation

Next, the operation is still in FIG.

Install to hard disk

Then select the language, choose to enter the interface after

Installation Information Summary

Configure the installation location Please note here, if you and I use the same virtual machine, it is strongly recommended to choose the automatic configuration partition; but if you want to install to an entity forming machine with Windows dual system, I want to select the configuration partition, but this requires you Linxu have some knowledge of and to have some basis for partitioning, careful not to overwrite Windows C drive, here due to space reasons, not described in detail.

Choose destination

The next step will be to create a root account and daily use, the root account has the largest administrative privileges, you can even delete the entire system, so please be careful to use the root account for everyday use as your account should be accustomed to using the account, just use if necessary sudo command to temporarily elevate privileges

Create a user and password

Simply create the configuration root password, the next figure is daily use account configuration

Create a user

After the configuration will return to the previous interface, please be patient Installation


The installation is complete, click Exit after entering the Live CD environment is still, first off, and then the next step

Installation is complete, quit a shutdown

Since Fedora does not automatically unload the disc, so the need to manually unload the disc, otherwise it will re-enter the Live CD environment

Uninstall disk

Next is to start clicking into your Fedora, using the user name and password you set above, please note that it is best not to log root, you can use the sudo command to obtain the appropriate permissions

Successful installation
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