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  Linux system started to learn: Teaches you install Ubuntu 15.04 on VirtualBox
  Add Date : 2016-05-23      
  Because of the open-source Linux, so with customizable, so many derived distributions. Ubuntu and Fedora regarded as one more friendly for the novice two releases, mainly in the installation is simple, user groups and more, there are problems related to the search for information or to find a senior resolved. This article was prepared novice Linux, by showing the entire installation process to make the complete novice Linxu install Ubuntu or Fedora, also implore seniors noted deficiencies.

Reading suggestions

This article contains two releases Ubuntu and Fedora installation, please browse through the full text, and then decide which installation release with pictures and a corresponding text description, please do not ignore.
If you are a novice, it is strongly recommended that you use the virtual machine operating; if you believe they can solve the problem, can also be used ultraiso, USBWriter and dd command to write U disk, carry out physical installation, not described in detail here.
Ubuntu Introduction

Ubuntu is based on Debian GNU / Linux operating system that supports X86, 64 and PPC architectures. Ubuntu every six months to release a version that every April and October, as used herein 15.04 64-bit version. Ubuntu should be more friendly for the novice a Linux distribution, Chinese localization is also doing well, there is the feeling out of the box. Because Ubuntu user base increased in recent years, more than a lot of useful information for beginners, so do not worry about having problems can not be solved, use the search and ask questions, you will grow more quickly.

Ubuntu installation

1. Create and load the disc

Once you have installed VirtualBox, open you should see this screen below


Click New interface shown below will come out after the graph, as shown in general to fill the memory can be filled out, as appropriate,

New Virtual PC

The next step will be to create a virtual hard disk, as shown, the default location is C disk, if you do not want to create the C drive, make sure that you select the disk format to NTFS

Create a virtual hard disk

Once created, click the ISO file to load settings as

Loading ISO file

2. Install Ubuntu

Click Start, it will boot into the following interface

start installation

Installation Options

Note here that, if you and I use the same virtual machine, it is strongly recommended that you choose to clear the whole disk and install Ubuntu, but if you want to install Windows to a physical machine and form a dual system, select another option, but it requires you to have Linxu and have some knowledge of certain basic partition operation, careful not to overwrite Windows C drive, here due to space reasons, not described in detail.

Mounting Type

As shown, user settings, computer name is the host name, user name, account name is used when logging in, the password is what you set up a user name password, be sure to remember the simplicity.

Add user

This step will then select a time zone, you can directly point to the next step, select the keyboard

Select a keyboard layout

Configuration selection has been completed, then please be patient during the installation, as shown, do not click SKIP


Patience installation is complete, will then reboot into the system with a user name and password you configured above, please note that it is best not to log root, you can use the sudo command to obtain the appropriate permissions

The installation is complete
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