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  Linux terminal interface font color settings
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Table of Contents

Color Syntax
Save Settings

The Internet to find a lot of information is not very detailed, and it was a syntax error.
So we get a long time to understand the whole, easy to write down the people behind the study.
I Linux virtual machine version is CentOS 6.5 and nuances of other possible versions of Kazakhstan.

PS1 is an environment variable Linux end users, for explaining the command line prompt settings. In the terminal enter the command: echo $ PS1, PS1 will define the output:

PS1 = '[\ u @ \ h \ W] $'

linux default command line prompt is: [first name last item of the current working directory of the user account name @ host] $
PS1 defined in commonly used parameters have the following meanings:

\ D: # represents the date in the format weekday month date, for example: "Mon Aug 1"
\ H: # full host name
\ H: # take only the first name of the host
\ T: # display for 24-hour format, such as: HH: MM: SS
\ T: # display for 12-hour format
\ A: # show time is 24 hour format: HH: MM
\ U: # Name of the user's current account
\ V: #BASH version information
\ W: # complete working directory name
\ W: # use basename get working directory name, it lists only the last directory
\ #: # Issued the first of several commands
\ $: # Prompt character, if you are root, the prompt is: #, compared with the average user: $

Color Syntax
Wherein a color format: in \ [\ e [F; Bm], to \ e [m End

F B Color
3040 Black
3141 Red
3242 Green
3343 yellow
3444 blue
3545 purple
3646 cyan
3747 White
For example, we should \ u change color

PS1 = "[\ [\ e [31; 40m] \ u \ e [m @ \ h \ W] \ $"

And we will \ u foreground color set to red, the background color is black.

PS1 = "[\ u \ [\ e [31; 40m] @ \ e [m \ [\ e [36; 40m] \ h \ e [m \ [\ e [31; 40m] \ W \ e [m ] \ $ "

Modify the @ sign red color is the foreground color to background color is black, \ h as the foreground color to cyan background color is black, \ W is the foreground color to red background color is black.

Save Settings
We will set a good PS1 variable written .bashrc inside, so behind the open terminals are valid.

$ Cd ~
$ Vi .bashrc
Add a line open

PS1 = "[\ u \ [\ e [31; 40m] @ \ e [m \ [\ e [36; 40m] \ h \ e [m \ [\ e [31; 40m] \ W \ e [m ] \ $ "

Save and exit it.
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