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  Linux Tutorial: Open multiple tabs in the GNOME terminal in Ubuntu 15.04
  Add Date : 2016-11-04      
  Q: I used to be able to open multiple tabs on my Ubuntu desktop in the gnome-terminal. But rose to Ubuntu 15.04, I would not be able to open a new tab in gnome-terminal window a. What do you want to open tabs in the Ubuntu 15.04 gnome-terminal as well?

In Ubuntu version 14.10 or before the, gnome-terminal tag allows you to open a new window or a terminal in a terminal window. But Ubuntu 15.04 start, gnome-terminal to remove the "New Tab" option. This is actually not a bug, but a new label and a new window consolidation initiatives. GNOME 3.12 introduces a separate "open end" option. Open a new terminal label features from the mobile terminal to the first menu option.

Preference settings open a new tab

To open a new tab, select Ubuntu 15.04 gnome-terminal in the "Edit" -> "Preferences", and to "open a new terminal: Window" to "open a new terminal: label."

So if you open a new terminal through the menu, you'll see a new tab in the current terminal.

Keyboard shortcuts open label

If you do not want to change your preferences, you can hold down the temporary change the setting. For example, by default, click on the "New Terminal" while holding down the terminal will open rather than open a new terminal in a new tab.

In addition, you can also use the keyboard shortcut to open a new tab in the terminal.

In my opinion, gnome-terminal overwhelmed by the changes in the UI is not a step forward. For example, you can not customize the labels for each terminal in the title. When you have multiple tabs open in a terminal, this feature would be useful. And if the name of the terminal to keep the default title (and continuously variable length), you can not see the end of the title in the limited space in the title. We like to be added to this feature as soon as possible.
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