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  Linux virtual machine how to access the Internet in a virtual machine when using NAT mode
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  First, the problem:

1, if set to NAT mode defaults to DHCP dynamic IP address, the system will generate / etc / sysconfig / network-configs / ifcfg-ens33, this document reads as follows:
DEFROUTE = "yes"
IPV6INIT = "yes"
NAME = "ens33"
UUID = "ece1577e-e492-4d3c-84a2-ddccb3019424"
ONBOOT = "yes"
IEEE_8021X_IDENTITY = "renjia @ gameyunwei"
HWADDR = "00: 0c: 29: 44: 47: 5c"
PEERDNS = "yes"
IPV6_PEERDNS = "yes"
BOOTPROTO = "dhcp"

2, will be changed to a static IP address dhcp

3, can not access the Internet
[Root @ slave1 network-scripts] # ping www.sohu.com
ping: unknown host www.sohu.com

Second, the solution:

1, the virtual machine's configuration environment NAT, Edit menu -> Virtual Network Editor:

Subnet IP is set to
Subnet mask of
Set in NAT Settings:

Set Gateway IP to
In the DHCP Settings to set:

Configure IP pool range: ~

2, the host configuration VMware Network adapter VMnet8:

The default gateway must be, and Subnet virtual machine that is consistent
DNS not set

3, configure the virtual machine Fedora
The / etc / sysconfig / network-configs / ifcfg-ens33, cut part of the configuration, increasing the DNS configuration:

TYPE = "Ethernet"
DEFROUTE = "yes"
NAME = "ens33"
UUID = "707084bc-d3aa-483f-878b-c93e6abf4a07"
ONBOOT = "yes"
# HWADDR = "00: 0C: 29: 8B: 9A: F2"
HWADDR = "00: 0c: 29: 94: 8e: a2"
BOOTPROTO = "static"
DNS1 = ""
DNS1 must be the same as the host of the DNS
Remove other configurations than the configuration described above (other configurations may affect the CI manual), otherwise it will still be unable to access the Internet
4, test your access to the Internet
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