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  Linux yum command Detailed
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  First, Introduction

yum (called the Yellow dog Updater, Modified) Shell is a front-end package manager Fedora and RedHat and SUSE in. RPM-based package management, can be automatically downloaded from the specified server RPM package and installed, it can automatically handle dependency relationship, and install all of the software packages rely on, again and again without cumbersome downloads and installation. yum provides search, install, remove one, or all of a set of packages command, and command concise and easy to remember.

Second, the functional

Automatically search for the fastest mirror plug: yum install yum-fastestmirror
Install yum graphical widget: yum install yumex
See the list of possible mass installation: yum grouplist

1) find and display

yum search string to find the installation package based on keyword string
yum deplist package1 viewer package1 dependencies
yum info package1 display package information package1
yum list displays all installed and can install the package
yum list installed View Installed Packages
yum list package1 displays the specified package installation package1
yum list all listed YUM repository of all software
yum groupinfo group1 group1 group display program information
yum provides nginx View software functions

yum whatprovides filename to see which rpm file contains the specified target file

2) Install

yum install all of the installation
yum install package1 install the specified package package1
yum localinstall install local software name .rpm package
yum groupinsall group1 Setup group group1

3) Update

yum check-update check program can be updated
All yum update update
yum update package1 update the specified packages package1
yum --exclude = package kernel * update to exclude individual software upgrade
yum localupdate update-package.rpm upgrade the local package
yum groupupdate group1 upgrade program group group1

4) Uninstall

yum remove package1
yum erase package1 remove packages package1
yum groupremove group1 group group1 Remove Programs

5) Clear Cache

yum clean packages remove the package cache directory
yum clean headers clear the headers cache directory
yum clean oldheaders clear the cache directory under the old headers
yum clean,
yum clean all (= yum clean packages; yum clean oldheaders) purge packages and old headers cache directory

6) Enable and disable source

yum --enablerepo = epel install rsnapshot
yum --disablerepo = epel install software name
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