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  Mac OS X Server installation and application
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Mac OS X Server is Apple's next-generation server software. Provided specifically for OS X and iOS devices, Mac OS X services, now supports Mavericks, to easily share files, schedule meetings, synchronize contacts, software development, website, WiKi release, configure Mac remote access to the network. Mac OS X Server can now be quickly and easily play running even without professional engineers will be able to help you quickly set up a server environment.

First, install

After the installation is complete, view server status, you can show the host name, server run-time version, IP address and other information. Then she has to talk about those features.

Second, the core function introduction

1. File Sharing

File sharing: between Mac, PC and iPad

Standards-based SMB and WebDAV file services

File permissions management

Spotlight Search

2. Set server alerts.

Server part of the project all around the server to monitor the daily management and general expansion. Here, you can view the run-time and log information, usage statistics, the entire contents of the alert log file from the server and the services that have been generated.

Alerts when a new generation of push notifications will also be used to alert administrators to the server, and any connection to the server and use the Mac Server.app device will receive an alert in your notification center.

3. The cache server

Speed up the release of Apple's software download

Local cache applications, software updates and OS X Recovery images, etc.

4. Directory Server

Here directory service equivalent to Apple Open Directory Services version of Microsoft's Active Directory.

Open Directory is one of the core services among OS X Server Open Directory is a set of LDAP-based directory system that allows you to create and manage user accounts and user account groups. Microsoft's Active Directory, it allows our users to use their user name and password to login to the computer and service them.

Here is OpenDirectory service certificate shall first apply.

5.Xcode server

Xcode can run any test using a Mac OS X Server

Automated testing OS X and iOS applications, perform multiple connected iOS devices

 Host your own Git on OS X server.

6. The Time Machine

Providing backup destination Mac computers on a network

Monitor computer backup, when they last backup, backup size

Set Time Machine storage limits, users can use

7. Calendar Server

Share calendars, schedule meetings and events, and book conference rooms

Standards-based CalDAV server for access from Mac, iPad, iPhone and PC

Check the availability of free / busy lookup

Email invitations and push notifications

8 .DNS server

9.Wiki server

Point-and-click page edit to change formatting, insert pictures, movies and accessories

Access control

Tags and notes

revision history

File Sharing

Find Fast Preview

10 Site Settings

11. Mail Server

Standards-based SMTP, IMAP and POP server

Push Notifications

 SSL encryption

Adaptive spam filtering

12. Review the log server.

13. The server resource usage statistics

14.VPN network

Remote access to your network services, encrypted VPN connection: Mac, iPad, iPhone and PC

Finally, Server.app also "advanced" services new independent management unit, which include the DHCP, DNS, FTP, NetInstall, Open Directory, Software Update and Xsan and other projects. These services are by default all of them hidden in the View menu, you can install a Server interested myself to go slowly excavated.
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