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  Mind mapping software installed in CentOS 7 in XMind
  Add Date : 2016-04-14      
  Installation mind mapping software XMind in the CentOS7

1. Login xmind official website, download the deb package: http: //www.xmind.net/download/linux/

2. Unzip deb package, and get data.tar.gz control.tar.gz two archives

3. Extract data.tar.gz, get a usr folder, this folder lib / xmind folder to / opt / folder, share sub-folder to / usr / folder and existing the share folder merge. Command is as follows:

   cp -r usr / lib / xmind / / opt /
   cp -r usr / share / / usr /

4. Unzip control.tar.gz, execute extract from the postinst file:


5. Edit /usr/share/applications/xmind.desktop file contents to the following (only modified Exec and Icon):

vim /usr/share/applications/xmind.desktop

6. After the Start menu, you can see XMind icon, and click on it operated, this installation is complete.
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