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  Modify Linux terminal prompt path length
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Linux system default path prompt for the full path, this line is very long, it may total width, looking very unhappy! Like this below

abctest @ Ubuntu: ~ / trunk-new / build_dir / target-mips_34kc_uClibc- / linux-ar71xx_generic / linux-3.10.17 / net / netfilter / commercials $

Basic occupy 80% of the width of the terminal, if they can be changed to display only the last name of a folder just fine!

Modification method:

vim ~ / .bashrc

Search PS1

56 if [ "$ color_prompt" = yes]; then
57 PS1 = '$ {debian_chroot: + ($ debian_chroot)} \ [\ 033 [01; 32m \] \ u @ \ h \ [\ 033 [00m \]: \ [\ 033 [01; 34m \] \ W \ [\ 033 [00m \] \ $ '
58 else
59 PS1 = '$ {debian_chroot: + ($ debian_chroot)} \ u @ \ h: \ W \ $'
60 fi

Find the text above, note the value of the PS1 environment variable, \ u is the current user, \ h is the host name, \ w is displays the full path, \ W is to show a simple path into the w W it!

As to if or else take effect, you can have a try, my else is in force.

Run after modification

$ Source ~ / .bashrc

You can be applied! The following results

abctest @ ubuntu: commercials $

It is not very simple.
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