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  NET Developers need to know some Linux commands
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  As a cross-platform .NET development era developers, some commonly used Linux commands must master. Instant usual development process does not use Linux (Unix) or mac system, also need to master Linux command. Because many servers are Linux systems. Therefore, to and from the server machine, it is necessary through shell commands.

This article does not explain in detail on all commands, just give common usage and interpretation. Specific usage can use --help to view the help.

1. Find File

find / -name filename.txt filename.txt find the file / directory by name.

find. -name "* .xml" recursively find all the xml file

find -name "* .xml" |. xargs grep "hello world" recursive search xml all files contained in the content of hello world

grep -H 'spring' * .xml find it contains some spring xml file

find ./ -size 0 | xargs rm -f & delete files with zero size files

ls -l | grep '.jar' find the current directory of all the jar files

grep 'test' d * d to display all rows in the beginning of the file that contains the test.

grep 'test' aa bb cc show match aa, bb, cc file test line.

grep '[a-z] \ {5 \}' aa show all contain each string of at least five consecutive string of lowercase characters line.

2. Check if a program running

ps -ef | grep mono See all the processes related to mono

3. Termination Thread

kill -9 19979 19979 terminate the thread, bit process

4. Review the files that contain hidden files

ls -al

5. The current working directory


6. Copy the file

cp source dest Copy files

cp -r sourceFolder targetFolder recursive copy the entire folder

scp sourecFile romoteUserName @ remoteIp: remoteAddr Remote Copy

7. Create a directory

mkdir newfolder

8. Remove directory

rmdir deleteEmptyFolder remove empty directory rm -rf deleteFile recursive directory delete all content

9. Move files

mv / temp / movefile / targetFolder

10. Rename

mv oldNameFile newNameFile

11. Switch user

su -username

12. Modify the file permissions

chmod 777 file.cs //file.cs permission -rwxrwxrwx, r for read, w for write, x for executable

13. archive

tar -czf test.tar.gz / test1 / test2

14. Identify the compressed file list

tar -tzf test.tar.gz

15. Unzip the file

tar -xvzf test.tar.gz

16. View header 10 lines

head -n 10 example.txt

17. Review the end of the file line 10

tail -n 10 example.txt

18. Check the log file type

tail -f exmaple.log // This command will automatically display the new content, the screen only displays 10 lines of the (settable).

19. Use the super administrator Run

sudo rm a.txt use administrator to delete the file

20. See Port occupancy

netstat -tln | grep 8080 8080 View port usage

21. What is the procedure to view the port

lsof -i: 8080

22. Check process

ps aux | grep jexus View jexus process

ps aux view all processes

23. to list the contents of a directory tree

tree a

ps: use the tree command under Mac

24. File Download

wget http: //file.tgz install wget command under mac

curl http: //file.tgz

25. Network Detection

ping www.linuxidc.com

26. Remote Login

ssh userName @ ip

27. Printing Information

Print value echo $ ZOOKEEPER_HOME zookeeper home environment variables

28.Mono common commands

mono, mcs, gmcs, makecert etc.

29. Other Commands

svn git
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