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  Normal start Lazarus 1.0.8 under Ubuntu
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  After installing Ubuntu 13.04, has found appmenu well spent, no longer need to delete it. But after installing the lazarus (from source), it has been crash, investigation is appmenu problem, of course, the official lazarus source within the not entirely normal.

So what solution, the latest version of lazarus replaced, and find ways to let it run without load appmenu.

Specific operation is as follows

1. Uninstall lazarus all relevant documents, including fpc
    $ Sudo apt-get purge lazarus fpc fpc-source
    There may not be removed and clean, this time using the following command and then judge
    $ Sudo dpkg -l | grep lazarus (also punishable fpc / fp)
    If found, use dpkg -r or dpkg -P Remove all

2. Delete the original lazarus profile
    Get lazarus beginning in the / usr / lib, / usr / share directory and delete it
    In the / etc directory to find the beginning of the lazarus directory and delete it, looking at the beginning of the file deleted fpc
    In $ HOME directory to find and delete the directory .lazarus

3. sourceforge to search for and download lazarus 1.0.8, use the following command to install
    $ Sudo dpkg -i * .deb

4. After installation is complete, execute the following command
    $ Su - (current user)
    $ Lazarus-ide
    This time can be found, when lazarus start appmenu not loaded, the menu is displayed in a conventional manner, because there is no crash does not occur appmenu

So far, lazarus 1.0.8 already running, in order to be safe, you can also make the following changes

1. Remove the overlay-scrollbar
2. Re-compile lazarus-ide
3. The Exec /usr/share/applications/lazarus.desktop point within the $ HOME / .lazarus / bin / lazarus
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