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  Notebook computer forget password solution
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  For notebooks, it is best not easily set a password, because the laptop is not like the PC power-on password as stored in the CMOS circuit can be removed by the discharge current newer laptops are password stored in the motherboard pieces logic circuits, our personal is unbreakable (this series of computers, the password can be added to the three layers, each layer for different device encryption, if the password set is lost, then the computer can be is furnished a) to crack the case was change, may have to spend a lot of money.
But for older model laptop, you can try the following method may be able to lift the notebook's power-on password: First, change the machine's hardware configuration, such as the hard to take down, then rebooting may automatically enter the Setup program, and clear the power-on password. Second, try to find a chip on the motherboard, the chip known as 818 chips, is generally "MC146818" 24-pin, shorted 12 feet and 24 feet a second, or find one labeled "MC14069" chip, its 14 feet short to ground, and maybe be able to achieve the purpose of clearing the password.
For Toshiba laptop if you forget your password, you can use the password service diskette to solve (the password service diskette every time you set or modify the boot password generation and keep it). Specific steps are as follows: Insert the password service diskette in the drive. Press Enter, the following message appears:
Set Pass Again? (Y / N)
Press Y to run TSETUP program, set a new password. Press N to restart the computer.
Note: The password service diskette must be inserted in the drive, or the display will return to the Password =. If you have inserted the floppy disk in the drive, the message still appears, the password service diskette may be a problem. Also when using the password service diskette to pay attention to the following two questions: If the BIOS boot priority to the hard disk or optical drive, press the reset button, keep the F key pressed to make sure that the boot from the floppy drive. If the computer is in recovery mode, the password service diskette will not work when the power is turned on. Time, please press the reset button.

For older models of Toshiba laptops, the BIOS password protection there is a "back door." You can try the approach described below, may be able to bypass the Toshiba notebook BIOS password restrictions, without having to enter any password authentication. Prepare a blank formatted floppy disk, another computer, a binary editing software (such as Norton DiskEdit UtralEdit 32 or the like). Specific steps are as follows:
1. Start another computer, open the binary editor, insert the floppy disk drive, modify the first 5 bytes of the first sector of the floppy disk, so that it becomes: 4B 45 59 00 00, pay attention to the boot sector is 0 area, do not make mistakes. Then save your changes, you now have a key disk. The floppy floppy drive plugs into a laptop, press the reset button to restart when you are prompted to enter the password, press enter, the system prompts you to set the password again. Press the "Y", Enter. Then you see the BIOS setup screen, you can re-set up a new password.
2. The laptop is TOSHIBA, you can easily use computers to print their own mouth to clear the password.
Connection: 1 feet to 5 feet and 10 feet, 2 feet to 11 feet, 3 then 17, other analogy.
This table is an interface on the computer motherboard. External interfaces on the contrary, please note.
If the method described above does not work, only to send laptop professional service points with a special method of treatment, if the warranty period, the price you only trampled upon. It is generally no special reason, a laptop or do not arbitrarily set the boot password. To ensure data security, we recommend you install WIN2000 / NT or WINXP operating system and use the NTFS format partition, so in fact than simply set the boot password, to better ensure the system is installed. Some laptops also now provides fingerprint identification system boot installation measures to replace the traditional BIOS password protection.
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