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  On the PC goes heavy security watch your startup items
  Add Date : 2016-11-21      
  First, the "start" project

We know, windows have built-in startup folder, it is most common to start the project, but many people have paid little attention to double-check it. If the program loaded people into this folder, the system will automatically load the appropriate boot process, but because it is exposed, it is very easy to change external factors. Specific location is "Start" menu "Start" option, the location on the hard disk is; C: windowsstartmenuprogramsstartup, location in the registry is: HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerShell

FoldersStartup = "C: windowsstartmenuprogramsstartup (in windows98 example), you can now open to see if there exists any unknown programs.

Two, msconfig

msconfig is a Windows system in the "System Configuration Utility", aspects which pipes may be wide enough, including: system.ini.win.ini, start projects. Similarly, since the launch of the program which is very much like the place to stay!


First, in the "Run" dialog box "msconfig" System Configuration Utility to start over (the same below), find the system.ini tab, inside the "shell = ......" can be used to load a special program, if you behind is not the default shell = explorer.exe, or that there is behind a program name, then you have to be careful, please double-check the appropriate procedures are safe!


If we want to load a program: hack.exe, you can win. ini achieved with the following statement:


load = hack.exe

run = hacke.exe

How to do it, you should know it!

3. "Start" project

System Configuration Utility Startup tab and we just mentioned, "Startup" folder is not the same thing, the start-up projects in the System Configuration Utility to Windows is a collection of system start-up projects, almost all of the project department can start found here ---- of course, through a special program programming process may not be shown here by another method.

Open the "Start" tab, the "Startup Items" in the boot list is the name of the program, under the "command" is a specific program additional commands, final "location" is the program corresponding location in the registry, you can suspicious program detailed path, the command checks if errors are found, you can use the "disable" to disable the bottom of the boot program when loading.

Generally speaking, in addition to system hardware and kernel based outer part of the system software to start the project, other start-up projects can all be appropriate to change, including: anti-virus program, firewall program-specific, player, memory management software. In other words, start the project contains a list of all the programs we can see, you can use it to manage your startup programs!

Third, the registry corresponding boot loader project

Registry startup project is a favorite of viruses and Trojans! Very much with the Trojan virus is refractory to achieve through the registry, so usually when you can download a registry monitor to monitor registry changes, especially is in the installation of new software or run a new program, the program must not be confused looks beautiful. Be sure to look at its essence is not a Trojan horse disguised shell or a bundled program! When necessary according to the backup to restore the registry, registry program online so many here no longer a wordy.

We can also be checked by the manual method in the corresponding registry location, location and repeat the above, although they are much talked about, but in terms of network security, care is never too much!

Note that the same safe and clean system registry corresponding key comparison, if we find inconsistencies, we must figure out what it is! Do not believe the writing on the outside of the "system", "windows", "programfiles" and other names, who know that "Lame," the truth. If after a detailed comparison, can determine which program is unclear, do not hesitate to immediately delete!

Four, wininit.ini

We know, Wiidows often call this the installer program to achieve delete the installer after work, so do not underestimate it, if it is above tampering, it can be said to be very subtle, very perfect!

It is in the system tray of the Windows directory, use Notepad to open it (sometimes wininit.hak file) can see the corresponding content, obviously, we can add the corresponding statement in which to achieve the program or modify the system time is deleted If the purpose of the program is associated with the file type of Trojan horse, you can delete the original file after it infects through winint.ini, so as to hide their true purpose!

Five battle under DOS,

Finally, we talk about DOS under load startup items, config.sys, autoexec.bat, *. Bat and other files can be programmed with a specific way to achieve the purpose of the loader, so do not think that DOS is a outdated things, good programming under DOS can often reach a very simple and very useful features!
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