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  OpenJDK 7 compiled under Ubuntu 14.04.3 64-bit
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  System environment: Ubuntu 14.04.3 -amd64 in VMWare
1. Install openjdk7 dependent

sudo apt-get build-dep openjdk-7
sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jdk

sudo apt-get install build-essential gawk m4 libasound2-dev libcups2-dev libxrender-dev xorg-dev xutils-dev x11proto-print-dev ant

sudo mkdir / usr / X11R6
cd / usr / X11R6 /
sudo ln -s -T / usr / lib lib

2. Install Oracle jdk to / usr / lib / jvm
3. The CurrencyData.properties file / src / share / classes / java / util directory of the current time to time within 10 years
4. Compile script:

#! / Bin / bash
export LANG = C
export ALT_BOOTDIR = / usr / lib / jvm / jdk1.7.0_17
export ALT_DEVTOOLS_PATH = / usr / bin
export ALLOW_DOWNLOADS = true # if an automatic download, jaxp, jaws can automatically download
export SKIP_DEBUG_BUILD = false # whether to skip the compilation debug version
export SKIP_FASTDEBUG_BUILD = false # whether to skip the compilation fastdebug Edition
export DEBUG_NAME = debug
export ALT_DEVTOOLS_PATH = / usr / bin
make sanity & make all 2> & 1

Run the build script.
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