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  OpenSUSE / Linux network configuration
  Add Date : 2017-08-31      
  Because of their work, come into contact with Linu server an OpenSUSE system, I began to think and CentOS as only need to configure a ifcfg-ethx file can be, but after the configuration found no network, then to query the network settings information, OpenSUSE system as follows:

First, modify the ifcfg-eth0 file (parameters can be modified as follows)
# Vi / etc / sysconfig / network / ifcfg-eth0
BOOTPROTO = static

Second, configure the gateway (route)
# Vi / etc / sysconfig / network / routes

Third, configure DNS
# Vi /etc/resolv.conf

Fourth, restart the network card
# /etc/init.d/network Restart

========================= Documents described ====================== ===
1: / etc / sysconfig / network / config
In this file, you can select the card management mode, as follows
NETWORKMANAGER = "yes" set by the user of the method networkmanage
NETWORKMANAGER = "no" by ipfu conventional Sets (recommended to choose this)

2: / etc / sysconfig / network / ifcfg-eth0
In this file, you can configure the IP address acquisition mode, IP address, subnet mask and other parameters, as follows
BOOTPROTO = 'static'
NAME = 'RTL-8139 / 8139C / 8139C +'
STARTMODE = 'auto'


3, / etc / sysconfig / network / routes
        In this file, you can default route (gateway) configuration, and thereby set the default gateway to route to a specific network or host. This file will be loaded when the network start

Configure the following format:

Example 1:

Add the Gateway:

The above command can also add:
# Route add default gw

The same instructions above can also be deleted:
# Route del -net

Example 2:
Configuring network from to port out of the net:

Use the command to add:
# Route add -net netmask gw

Use Delete command:
# Route del -net netmask

4, / etc / resolv.conf
In this file, you can configure DNS name resolution. Mainly has the following four parameters:
nameserver # defined DNS server IP address (required)
domain # define local domain name (optional)
search # custom domain search list (optional)
sortlist # sort the returned domain name (optional)

Examples are as follows:
domain linuxidc.com
search www.linuxidc.com linuxidc.com
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