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  Ordinary users how to use the firewall software
  Add Date : 2016-11-20      
  Because of the proliferation of hackers, so in order to prevent malicious attacks, firewall software came into being. But we should be able to properly use firewall software, make it real for us.

Firewall defines the level of security in order to give the user the different needs of different security control, but many users are not particularly understand this, for safety, it is blind to adjust the security level to "high-level security" that the higher the level of security it is good. In fact, not the case. If your computer is too safe, you will find that the network will not be able to start the game, and the video program will not be able to access online video files (which for the ADSL users is a great loss). So in the end the various security levels What does it mean?

Low security level: the computer will be open to all services, but the machine is prohibited to access files on the Internet, printer sharing services. It applies to users on the LAN to provide services. This is the freedom of maximum safety level, it is limited to "Internet experts" to use.

The security level: prohibit access to the system-level services (such as HTTP, FTP, etc.). LAN machines only allow access to file, printer sharing services. Using dynamic rule management allows authorized to run the program and open port services, such as games or video service network voice telephony software. And to ensure that general users such as e-mail and transfer files, it is generally the level of security is the default.

High Security: The system will block out all ports to the outside open; prohibit access to the machine to provide all services for common Trojan programs and offensive to intercept; to provide network access capabilities strictly controlled; applies to just browse the Internet users. . Of course, online games you can not play.

In addition, all of the security level will control application access to the network.
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