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  Paint with Vim
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  In fact, not the lack of drawing software (such as yEd etc.) on Linux, then why the need to use VIM to draw:

Lighter, no need to install too many things
Smaller, that is, some text, than the picture of what is much smaller, it is also easier to use
More to force Georgia
First, install the plug-in DrawIt the VIM (can be found here), then you can begin drawing journey, use the command mode:

\ Di: Open DrawIt
\ Ds: Close DrawIt
After the turn has two modes: drawing and erasing, to switch between them by a space. You can use the eight buttons to control the direction of drawing a line (or erase):

The arrow keys up, down, left and right, respectively, corresponding to its four directions
Pgup: on the right
Pgdn: lower right
Home: left
End: left

Arrow painting is also very intuitive and simple to use arrow>, <, ^, v to get, bold arrows can \>, \ <, \ ^, \ v to get (not a good feeling bold arrows control ):

> <^ V |> <|

You can use the mouse to select a block, which is behind the operation have some simplified with the use of \ a (\ l without arrows) come to draw a line based on the chosen block:

       \ -----------
                   \ -----------
                               \ ----->
Or use \ b to draw a rectangle or use \ e to draw an ellipse:

+ -------------------- + ************* || ******** || *** * + -------------------- + ***************************

You can get away with \ f graphics to fill:

+ ------------------ + | ################## || ######### ######### || ################## | + ------------------ +
Location some deviations is a common thing, do not worry this time focused Videos:

Use the mouse to select the block you want to move, then hold ctrl and drag the mouse.

When you want to erase a whole fast content, use the arrow keys to carry out his relatively boring, you can use:

Use the mouse to select the section to be erased, and then perform r (equivalent to replace with spaces).

Also note: the default Ubuntu install VIM and mint are not supported by the system clipboard, you need to install:

sudo apt-get install vim-gnome

Simple experience down, if we can utilize the power of VIM itself (copy, paste, etc.), DrawIt use up quite a force!
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