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  Precautions against hackers Linux environment
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Linux is a multi-user system, once people get to your root user, he can do whatever they like on your system, because the single-user on the system have full control permissions, if improper operation or others to enter, then the consequences will be disastrous, how to prevent the entry of single users, and there are several aspects of attention.

1, on the / etc / inittab file for protection, if the id: 3: initdefault in 3 to become one, you can boot directly into each single-user mode. Of / etc / inittab file to root, enter through the chown 700 / etc / inittab the property to other users can not modify on the line.

2, lilo way if you are using the boot, possibly through linuxconf or directly modify lilo.conf to wait to enter the time when set to 0 or the shortest line at boot time. In this case, if into single user mode, you can use a floppy disk to boot.

3, if you use the GRUB boot mode, the simplest way is to use GRUB password protection on startup option.

4, in order to prevent others from remotely destroyed the system restart, in addition to the ROOT password and files etc directory / effective management but also should set the CMOS password, so that even if the system into single-user mode, and You can not directly start the computer to operate.
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