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  Profile Linux users login shell and login to read
  Add Date : 2017-08-31      
  Stand in the perspective of the users who log on, SHELL type:
Login type shell:
           Log in via a terminal
           su - USERNAME
           su -l USERNAME
Nonlogin type shell:
           su USERNAME (use su to switch user, without any parameters)
           Open a command window in GUI
           shell script is executed automatically
bash configuration file:
Global Configuration
Personal configuration
     ~ / .bash_profile, ~ / .bashrc
profile class files:
           Setting Environment Variables
           Run a command or script
bashrc class files:
           Setting local variables
           Defined command aliases
How to read the formula login shell configuration file:
/ Etc / profile -> / etc / profile.d / * sh -.> ~ / .bash_profile -> ~ / .bashrc -> / Etc / bashrc
How to read the non-login shell configuration file type:
~ / .bashrc -> / Etc / bashrc -> / etc / profile.d / * sh.
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