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  RedHat Linux 9.0 under P4VP-MX motherboard graphics resolution of problems
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  My machine is used P4VP-MX motherboard, integrated sound card, video card, network card, graphics chip is VIA ProSavage8 graphics core. Since RedHat 9.0 can not directly enter the graphical installation interface, I chose Linux lowres low graphics mode installation, into the system after installation, the default resolution is 640 * 480.

I entered the System Settings -> Display card after adjustment resolution of 1024 * 768, after the cancellation of waiting for the emergence of new login screen, but the system has a black screen.

Reboot does not work, I had no choice but by changing the configuration file XF86Config to solve:

Press Ctrl + Alt + F1 to enter the command line
Enter #vi / etc / X11 / XF86Config file editing xf86config
The Modes "1024x768" "800x600" "640x480" changed Modes "640x480" reboot only go in graphics mode.
Graphics mode is entered, but the 640x480 resolution does not work. Recall that during the installation of the entire system, from the beginning of the installation directly into graphics mode, the system black, back to using linux lowres low graphics mode installation is successful, www.linuxidc.com think carefully, is it comes with graphics RedHat9 drivers not used? There is no other way but to try.

Reboot the system, enter winxp, find my motherboard drivers backup, display a folder inside a folder linux, which has a savage.o file, it is estimated that the driver. This will be easier, I entered linux, linux comes with the drive overwrite is not on line yet.

Immediate action, reboot the system, enter redhat, log in with the root account, enter the directory that comes with XFree86 driver is located:

/ Usr / X11R6 / lib / modules / drivers

The following Linux drivers are found, but the backup in the windows below the driver how to copy over it, search the Internet how to access windows in linux the following letter, driving map, as follows:

Linux system, all devices are considered as files, so very easy to access Windows partition in Linux, just use the mount command to mount the Windows partition into a file folder to Linux.
Use the mount command format is (must be logged in as root):
mount [-afFhnrvVm] [- | < label >] [-o < option >] [-t < filesystem >] [device name] [mount point]
If we want a partition for Windows (such as the D drive) attached to the Linux / mnt / win in this directory, first establish win folder under / mnt, and then start the Console terminal mode, enter the command "mount / dev / hda5 / mnt / win ", then enter the / mnt / win directory, you can see the contents of the D drive in Windows.
/ Dev / hda5 is the Linux partition under a representation, see the Windows partition in Linux is generally: hda1 for the C drive, hda5 for the D drive, hda6 for the E drive, and so on. . .
My motherboard drivers are F disk backup, disk mapped after F, find savage.o files copied to / usr / X11R6 / lib / modules / drivers directory, overwriting can be.

Restart the computer, login into the system settings - "Display card after adjustment resolution of 1024 * 768, after the cancellation of waiting for the emergence of new login screen, login to the system, the text icon significantly smaller, becomes clear, the resolution has been adjusted 1024 * 768, so far, under Linux RedHat9.0 P4VP-MX motherboard graphics resolution adjustment success!
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