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  RedHat virtual machine to install VMware Tools
  Add Date : 2016-05-13      
  RedHat virtual machine to install VMware Tools, if we look closely, you will find in the lower left corner of VMware software interface showing "you do not have VMware Tools installed", that is, we have not install VMware Tools.

VMware Tools what use is it?

VMware Tools is actually a virtual graphics driver, after installation, the virtual system display screen would be better, in addition, I also found that the Internet was said that after installation, you can mouse between the host, the guest system move freely, without ctrl + alt key combination to switch (which is a bit cumbersome).

Then briefly explain how to install VMware Tools.

1. Right-click on the left side of the interface in VMware virtual system, select "Install VMware Tools"

Note: The virtual machine must be in the boot state, invalid shutdown.

At this time will find a disc icon appears on the desktop Linux, this is just the system will load the VMware Tools installation image file to the virtual drive, but not really install VMware Tools.

2, find the VMware Tools installation package

Right-click on the Linux desktop, open a terminal, followed by entering the following command (note spaces):

cd / media / cdrom (Note: to enter the virtual drive folder)

ls (NOTE: To view the files in a folder and subfolders)

This time appeared "VMware Tools-5.5.3-34685.tar.gz" That package name, remember it later will be used.

3, the mobile installation package, and then extract the installation

In just the terminal, continue to enter the following command:

cd / (Note: Back to the root directory)

cp media / cdrom / VMwareTools-5.5.3-34685.tar.gz / tmp (Note: the installation package is copied to tmp folder)

cd / tmp (Note: Entering tmp folder)

tar zxf VMwareTools-5.5.3-34685.tar.gz (Note: Extracting the installation package)

cd vmware-tools-distrib (Note: Entering the unzipped folder)

./vmware-install.pl (Note: the installation file)

If you have Linux already installed all of the X Window environment and development tools, said the installation process should be relatively smooth, the installation process, will encounter such as "In which directory do you want to install your binary files" kind of problem,

Press Enter on the line;

When the case of inquiry, such as with [yes], and enter yes press Enter.

After installation is complete, it will allow us to configure the resolution:

Do you want to change your guest X resolution?

[1] 640x480

[2] 800x600

[3] 1024x768

... ...

My machine can support 1280x1024, choice is 7, according to their own situation to determine their own machines.

Set the resolution, so the screen can display full-screen more clear and beautiful

Note that this resolution applies to full-screen display, a lot of people may be accustomed to using the virtual operating system window mode (like me), then it should be the resolution set to be smaller, such as 800x600.

So far, VMware Tools installation is successful, the

You need to restart the virtual machine configuration to take effect.
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