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  Repair CentOS 6.4 Grub boot
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Causes and repair ideas: grub.conf file configuration may be a problem or / boot / grub and / boot file is missing, anyway, first try to determine the system manually start, maybe these files are still able to start the case , Check under grub.conf right

first step

Grub> root (hd0,0)

### If you do not know whether it is installed in the first district zoning, then use find /grub/grub.conf to determine the next cat (hd0,1) / etc / fstab can find / partition UUID

The second step

  Grub> kernel / vmlinuz-xxxxx ro root = / dev / sda2

# # # With the kernel space / press the TAB key out of this file, the root partition can be followed by root = UUID = xxxx to set

third step

  Grub> initrd / intfsram - xxx

### The 6.4 version has been renamed

the fourth step

  Grub> boot

the fifth step

# # # Change grub.conf file and save the next normal start # # 3

###Editing grub.conf ###

Default = 0

Timeout = 5

Titile = RedHat

  Root (hd0,0)

  Kernel \ xxxxx ro root = xxxxx

  Initrd \

### If the file / boot / all lost, it needs resuce mode ###

Chroot / mnt / sysimage

Mount / dev / cdrom / mnt

Cd / mnt / Packets

Rpm -ivh kernel-xxxx --force

# # # Note that there must be added --force installed there / boot / under the vmlinuz those files ###

When the experiment will restore a good selinux label will automatically re-system to repair some time, then need to restart once.
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