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  Repair Chrome for Linux is
  Add Date : 2017-04-13      
  Question: When I open Google Chrome browser on Linux, I have received several pop-ups, I suggested configuration file is not opened properly (Your profile could not be opened correctly.). Every time I open the Chrome should pop up, how do I fix this?

When you see "Your profile could not be opened correctly" error message on your Chrome when, to some extent, it is because of your Chrome profile data it has been corrupted. This problem often occurs when a manual upgrade Google Chrome.

Repair in the end depends on which file is corrupted, you can try some of the following methods.

method one

Close all Chrome windows and tabs.

Enter ~ / .config / google-chrome / Default, remove or rename the "Web Data" files.

$ Cd ~ / .config / google-chrome / Default
$ Rm "Web Data"
Again broke out Google Chrome browser.

Method Two

Close all Chrome windows and tabs.

Enter ~ / .config / google-chrome / "Profile 1", and rename the "History" file.

$ Cd ~ / .config / google-chrome / "Profile 1"
$ Mv HistoryHistory.bak
Again broke out Google Chrome browser.

Method Three

If still not resolved, you can try to remove all of the default configuration folder (~ / .config / google-chrome / Default). Note: If you do, you will lose all of Google label before opening, the imported bookmarks, browsing history, and login data.

Before removing, first turn off all Chrome windows and tabs

$ Rm -rf ~ / .config / google-chrome / Default
After the restart Google Chrome, folder ~ / .config / google-chrome / Default will be generated automatically.
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