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  Replace font under Linux
  Add Date : 2016-07-29      
  First, download and install fonts

1.1 Download

Download Microsoft elegant black, Monaco, Monaco elegant black mixed Fonts, unpack three .ttf file into ~ / .fonts folder.

1.1 refresh the cache

Run fc-cache to update the font cache.

Second, change the system font

2.1 download and install the Unity Tweak Tool.

sudo apt-get install unity-tweak-tool

2.2 Replacing the English font

Open the Unity Tweak Took, the following configuration change font

Third, change the browser font

Install plugins

Fourth, change the editor / IDE Font

If you can not set up a separate Chinese Font
English font to Monaco Yahei

If you can set up a separate Chinese Font
English font to Monaco
Chinese font to Microsoft elegant black
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